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CWS Council Membership

Contingent Workforce Strategies Council Membership

Elevate your contingent workforce program, evolve your vision, and empower your company for success. Membership on the CWS Council benefits organizations in their engagement of contingent talent, providing strategic insights, top tier research, real-time analysis, best practices and dedicated expertise.

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SIA’s Contingent Workforce Strategies (CWS) Council Membership delivers full access to SIA’s world-class expertise and trusted advisory to support professionals in achieving new levels of success for their contingent workforce programs. CWS Council members are served by dedicated analysts, along with an entire team of researchers.

Make better informed decisions, validate business models, and address your toughest workforce challenges with the help of SIA’s premier advisors, knowledge, and data. Along with tools and services that are laser focused to enable you to more effectively source and manage your contingent workforce, CWS Council connects you to a network of industry peers to share best practices and participate in evolved and in-depth discussions around contingent workforce program management. 

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For over a quarter of a century, SIA has been delivering objective research, insights and analysis as a trusted advisor to the workforce solutions ecosystem. Designed exclusively for companies that engage contingent workers, independent contractors, freelance talent, or statement of work consultants, the CWS Council is a business intelligence and advisory service that provides data, tools, benchmarks and expert independent advice on all types of contingent work.

Some of the world’s best-known brands rely on CWS Council membership to improve quality, navigate risk, implement cost savings, realize efficiencies and deliver programs that add real strategic value to their organizations. Current members include Fortune 1000 companies from around the world.

Corporate Memebrship


  • Access tools and expertise to elevate your contingent workforce program 

  • Gain a strategic edge with best practices and advanced concepts  

  • Evaluate your contingent workforce program capabilities with the SIA Workforce Solution Ecosystem Assessment 

  • Enhance your organization’s education around labor sourcing strategies and cost saving methodologies  

  • Unlock benchmark data to assess and measure performance  

  • Elevate your skills and knowledge through Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) classes

  • Explore concepts such as direct sourcing as a path to total talent acquisition  

  • Access guidance to develop and monitor key performance indicators  

  • Unlock advice from SIA experts to make better decisions when sourcing a Managed Service Provider (MSP)  

  • Expand insights and clarity around Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO), Vendor Management System (VMS) technology, and Statement of Work (SOW) management tactics  

  • Evolve your organization with action-centered DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) recommendations

  • Extend your talent search capabilities with the latest research on talent acquisition technology such as machine learning and AI   

  • Uncover and define new talent innovations such as talent and work service platforms, gig economy players, crowdsourcing, and talent pools  

  • Mitigate risks with emerging research and insights from experts in strategy as well as legislative matters 

  • Create alignment between business processes and program brand

  • Empower your organization by learning from some of the largest and most successful workforce programs

BENEFITS (4-col)

CWS Council Membership Benefits
Research Icon


Solve your most challenging and complex contingent workforce issues with full access to SIA’s vast array of independent and objective research and comprehensive analysis of industry data and trends. Explore interactive tools, templates and highly relevant insights focused on the most pertinent aspects of contingent workforce program management. Our CWS Global Research Portfolio details the reports, tools and templates available to council members.

Analyst Advisory Icon

Analyst Advisory

SIA’s team of analysts works closely with CWS Council members to deliver fresh perspectives, dedicated support, and bespoke advisory. Whether around building a business case, developing an RFP, researching providers, or making labor engagement decisions, SIA’s individualized guidance and expertise help you advance your day-to-day program practices, define objectives, and utilize valuable insights. Analysts’ meetings are limited to 30 minutes per meeting unless otherwise agreed to in advance.

Workforce Ecosystem Assessment Icon

Workforce Solutions Ecosystem Assessment 

SIA’s Workforce Solutions Ecosystem Assessment allows CWS Council members to evaluate their contingent workforce practices and internal capabilities against the backdrop of an interconnected and dynamic workforce solutions ecosystem. Enhance your program performance and maturity and learn to better manage, optimize and integrate processes for long-term program success using SIA’s trusted Contingent Workforce Optimization roadmap. 

Legal Insights icon

Legal Insights 

From legal calendars and quarterly updates to global in-depth reporting on regulatory environments, SIA’s legal insights help you navigate risk and protect your program. Understand the current and ongoing legislative issues, including data privacy, DE&I, IC compliance and worker classification, impacting the world of contingent work. 

Research Bulletin Icon

Monthly Research Bulletin 

Our consolidated monthly research bulletin, delivered straight to your inbox, alerts you to all of the latest SIA research. Never miss a piece of key data with this timely rundown of findings and newest reports from SIA’s research team.

Networking Icon


As a CWS Council member, you are connected to a global community of industry peers. Through frequently scheduled member insight calls, regional discussions, hot topic sessions, facilitated peer-to-peer connections, and in-person gatherings, a wide range of networking opportunities is at your fingertips. Exchange best practices and lessons learned, ask for input, and be part of the ongoing, important conversations taking place around contingent workforce program management. 

Webinars Icon


SIA’s expert-led webinars help you gain detailed insights into trending topics, newest technologies and latest regional and global developments in the world of contingent work. Featuring critical perspectives and best practices, this ongoing series covers everything you need to know about talent sourcing models, the future of the extended workforce, top program challenges, VMS/MSP evolution, compliance, innovation, inclusion, and more. Webinars are included in CWS Council Membership. 

Certification and Training Icon

Certification & Training

Empower your teams with our one-of-a-kind certification, trainings, and specialized workshops. Our Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) accreditations, offered in Contingent Workforce (CW) Program Management and Statement of Work (SOW) Management, set the industry standard for program expertise. Risk management and compliance workshops allow you to assess program risks and improve your risk mitigation strategies. CWS Council members receive special pricing on all offerings.

Conferences Icon


Experience new ideas, real-world solutions, and high-impact strategies on the future of contingent labor at SIA’s annual global events. Network with peers from leading organizations, glean actionable insights and engage with latest innovations geared toward helping you enhance your program and prepare for what’s ahead. Council members receive VIP access to member-only event receptions and pre- and post-conference member meetings.

CWS3.0 Icon

CWS 3.0

SIA’s weekly CWS 3.0 newsletter and online publication is your trusted source for contingent workforce management advice and timely news. Keep your contingent workforce program innovative and competitive with vital information and detailed commentary on trends, solutions and program management practices.

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