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Diversity-Owned Staffing Firms

Diversity-Owned Staffing Firms

The Diversity-Owned Staffing Firms list helps the workforce solutions ecosystem enhance supplier diversity and representation for businesses in the US and Canada.

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Diversity-Owned Staffing Firms List

Having a program that directs a certain level of business to diversity-owned suppliers is the most common workforce strategy among enterprise buyers participating in SIA’s Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey. Among participants — which comprise companies with at least 1,000 employees — 67% had such a program in place, while another 23% plan to explore one within two years.

To help the workforce solutions ecosystem find new resources and support, SIA created its list of diversity-owned staffing firms, which comprises companies certified by third-party organizations as diversity-owned. We also provide fresh ideas and perspectives on improving DE&I in the world of work.

See the Diversity-Owned Staffing Firms US and Canada list

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