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May/June 2024

Staffing Industry Review

Staffing Industry Review magazine is the leading publication for staffing industry professionals, senior executives, and staffing firm owners. Providing innovative and in-depth information to help staffing professionals compete in today’s fast-changing world, each issue focuses on a major theme, with coverage of the topics and people that keep the industry moving forward.

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Why DE&I shouldn’t be an ‘initiative’

Why do DE&I programs fail? Take a hard look at how they’re organized. The answer is probably right in front of you.

Meet the 2024 DE&I Influencers

We honor 49 people who continue to find a way to make a difference and move the needle on DE&I.

The pioneers who form the industry’s global foundation

SIA goes deep on the fascinating history of staffing, from sponsiones of the Roman Empire to today.

Keys to winning when you’re an underdog

How small staffing firms can compete with — and beat — big ones.

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Digital data financial investment trends

Office/clerical staffing landscape snapshot

Jon Osborne | May 20, 2024

From market size to the top 10 firms to median wages, what SIA research has to say about the office clerical segment.

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Diverse designer team brainstorming planning

The demise of DE&I is greatly exaggerated

Ken Taunton | April 9, 2024

What businesses should do to maintain their diversity initiatives in this challenging time.

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Diverse worekrs tossing paper in the air

Tearing down the paper ceiling

Francesca Profeta | April 3, 2024

Removing burdensome barriers and fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace requires a systematic and comprehensive approach.

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multicultural executive team people give high five celebrate success

To grow in staffing, start with a trust fall

Leslie Vickrey | April 2, 2024

A leader’s personality is often intertwined with the business. That can be a help — and a hindrance. Trust in your team is the path to growth.

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red pencil breaking apart circle of black pencil

Setting the stage for new leaders hired for change

Mike Cleland | April 2, 2024

Hiring a new leader is never easy, but it’s even harder when you expect them to disrupt the status quo. Here’s how to set your new hire up for success.

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Multi colored spelling cubes "inclusion" on dark background

Breaking barriers and building belonging through LGBTQ+ hiring

Wen Charlton Stenger | April 1, 2024

Inclusive hiring is about embracing diverse experiences and creating environments where everyone can flourish.

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Puzzle with the image of dollars in the center of the inscription -RULES

Solving the per diem puzzle

Steve Pedersen | April 1, 2024

Healthcare staffing providers must navigate two particularly rocky areas firms carefully for compliance: the IRS Accountable Plan rules and the Clarke v. AMN Services decision pertaining to per diem payments.

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