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July/August 2024

Staffing Industry Review

Staffing Industry Review magazine is the leading publication for staffing industry professionals, senior executives, and staffing firm owners. Providing innovative and in-depth information to help staffing professionals compete in today’s fast-changing world, each issue focuses on a major theme, with coverage of the topics and people that keep the industry moving forward.

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2024 40 Under 40: In the spirit of collaboration

The professionals featured in our 2024 list are making their mark on the staffing industry in exciting ways.

We and the industry are doubling down

Extra efforts are required to stay ahead of digital transformation. Staffing leaders are embracing artificial intelligence, while SIA has redesigned its website to stay connected with you.

Why we all need to be tillers of talent

Cultivating and building talent and is essential to set your organization up for fruitful success.

3 ways to boost your company’s tech adoption

A fresh round of technological advancements is poised to upend our proceses. Follow these guidelines to help choose the right tech and pave the way for adoption.

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