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Maintaining your CCWP Certification

Maintaining your CCWP Certification

SIA’s Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) certification is valid for three years after the successful completion of the CCWP exam. Maintain your Contingent Workforce Program Management and/or SOW Management CCWP credential through ongoing participation in contingent workforce (CW) professional education events. 

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Submission of CE credits is required to maintain your certification. To obtain your CE credits, please follow these steps:

  1. Attend a CW-related event and complete participation requirements
  2. Fill out and submit the completed CE Credits Form below
  3. Once your CE credits have been approved, you will receive an email from our CCWP team.

Each CCWP Certification Renewal will be charged an administrative fee to complete the certification renewal. Upon receipt of the fee, another three-year CCWP certification term is granted to applicants completing their CCWP CE requirements.

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Congratulations on earning a Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) credential! Now it’s time for you to maintain your credential through ongoing participation in contingent workforce professional education events. 

CCWP Contingent Workforce Program Management and SOW Management certifications are initially valid for three years. To maintain your CCWP certification, you must earn a total of 24 CE credits during this three-year certification timeframe. We recommend a minimum goal of 8 CE credits per year. Those who fulfill the CE requirements within the three-year renewal period do not need to retake the CCWP Certification class and exam to renew their certification.

The purpose of CCWP Continuing Education (CE) is to encourage certified individuals to stay current on the evolving knowledge, expertise, and trends around contingent workforce program and SOW management best practices.


CCWP CE requirements must be completed to maintain your CCWP certified status. If your three-year, CCWP Certification period ends, your CCWP certification status is considered expired, and you will need to get recertified.  

If your CCWP Certification has expired, please reach out to our CCWP team to review available options and fees to complete the CCWP Recertification process for CCWP Certified Professionals.


The following educational events are pre-approved and qualify for CCWP CE credits:

CCWP Continuing Education and Knowledge Development


SIA Conferences & Workshops

Contingent Workforce Management Professional/Buyer Conferences: CWS Summit North America, CWS Summit Europe, Collaboration in the Gig Economy 
Workshops: Risk Management and Compliance Workshop
Staffing Conferences: Executive Forum North America, Executive Forum Europe, Healthcare Staffing Summit, Collaboration in the Gig Economy 


SIA Webinars

Other Industry-Related Conferences
ASA Staffing World
ASA Staffing Law Conference
TechServe Alliance Conference and Tradeshow
Other Industry-Related Webinars
TechServe Alliance
Panelist or Speaker at an SIA Conference2
Panelist or Speaker for an SIA Webinar2
Author and publish a “Knowledge Leadership” article in SIA’s Staffing Stream Blog
Staffing Stream submissions are subject to SIA’s editorial rules and management business policies before acceptance for publication.
Author and publish a “Knowledge Leadership” article in SIA’s Staffing Industry Review magazine
Staffing Industry Review submissions are subject to SIA’s editorial rules and management business policies before acceptance for publication.
Author and publish an industry white paper
Special SIA review and approval is required for this CE credit.
Conduct a Workforce Solutions Ecosystem Assessment 
Valid only for CWS Council Members.
CWS Council Meetings 
In-person / Virtual 
Valid only for CWS Council Members.
2 / 1
Hot Topic Calls & Insights and Discussion Calls
Valid only for CWS Council Members. 
Other Related Contingent Workforce Knowledge Events
Credits to be approved by SIA on a case-by-case basis.    

A CCWP certification administration renewal fee of USD 340 is applied once a certification applicant has completed the CCWP continuing education/certification renewal process and CE credits have been approved.

Continuing Education/Recertification

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Pre-Approved Events

Enter all of your pre-approved events in the box below (see list above). Be sure to include event title and event date for each entry.

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Non-Listed Industry Events

Enter other events not on the pre-approved list shown above. Be sure to include event title, date, URL, and description for each entry.

Non-listed Event
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