Staffing Industry Sourcebook: A Guide for Staffing Executives, 2009-2010 edition

Nearly 500 pages packed with practical advice for managing and operating staffing firms, as well as key data on market trends and developments to help you plan your future. 

New this edition - a comprehensive 'How-to' section covering everything from getting started to exit strategies.

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Staffing Industry Sourcebook A Guide for Staffing Executives, 2009-2010 edition $395.00

A Guide for Program Managers (2008-09 Edition)

  • First-of-its-kind reference guide for HR and Supply Management/Procurement professionals who manage Contingent Workforce programs
  • What’s Inside? Data, analysis, practical advice, case studies on the hottest contingent workforce issues:
    - Usage and Spending (bill and pay rates, sourcing methods)
    - Supplier Landscape (including VMS, MSP)
    - Managing Risk: Legal and Compliance Issues
    - Global Challenges and Opportunities

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CWS Sourcebook A Guide fpr Program Managers $795.00

The Seven Attributes of Highly Competitive Staffing Firms
By: Jay M. Finkelman, PhD and Jonathan Troper, PhD

This book is an easily understood primer that points the way to seven broad areas where staffing firm owners must strive to be excellent. It gives readers scores of staffing industry-specific management practices that will enable them to do so. Each of the seven attributes is presented as a chapter and uses real-life situations in staffing firms from the authors' experience to bring theory to life.

Whether you are just starting out in the staffing industry, have been a long-time staffing business owner, or find yourself moving up the ranks to a branch, area, or regional manager position, you will find the insights and advice gathered together in this meaty volume to be highly useful in... Read More

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The Seven Attributes of Highly Competitive Staffing Firms $29.95