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March 15, 2006

Bristol-Myers Squibb Takes Control

March 10, 2006

A master supplier arrangement makes the difference in cutting costs

Cornerstones of Solid Staffing Partnerships

March 10, 2006

Communication, trust and commitment create great relationships

A Contingent Perspective: The Faces of Change

March 10, 2006

A new community forms to help shape the future

Ask the Procurement Guy:Should You Pay Your Supplier a 50% Markup?

March 10, 2006

Basic calculations might surprise you

Accountant shortage prolongs Sarbanes effect

February 9, 2006

Staffing demand expected to remain strong

Contract watch

January 5, 2006

Ask the Procurement Guy

December 29, 2005

How Do We Measure a Vendor Relationship?

Best Practices: Dollars, Cents and the Contingent Workforce

December 29, 2005

A bank gains control by outsourcing to a managed service provider

Peek Under the Hood: Acceptable HP Practice

December 29, 2005

Make sure your staffing supplier's human resources polices are consistent wit good practices