CWS 3.0: November 7, 2012


Preparing for the Talent Wars

As we approach 2013, it makes sense to garner the appropriate resources and get ready. Make no mistake, there is a war for talent. And those participants who are not prepared for battle will lose the war. So confer with your suppliers and make sure that you are both on the same page.

Here’s what we can begin planning for as we embrace the technological prowess of the millennials, the wisdom of the boomers against a backdrop of swiftly changing technology that can alter the talent war.

  • Analyze, evaluate and measure
  • Identify competencies — CW and core
  • Strategic resourcing — drive it with data and analytics
  • Compliance — domestic and global

Analyze, Evaluate and Measure

Use your VMS tools to look at CW job titles, rates and trends over the last year to build predictive indexes for the future for bill rate, volume timing and geography. Ask your MSP to help create a forward-looking business plan with viable recommendations to target the talent that you need. Ask the MSP what it’s doing with suppliers to prepare and help them creatively address those pockets of opportunity through shared ideas for training and technology in hard to source areas. And if you are managing your CW program, do what you would ask of the MSP.

Core Competencies

Look at your metrics and your business at large. Make sure you are keeping core competencies close at hand and protecting your IP. If a contingent is the best option to handle a certain project that is part of your core competency, make sure you have appropriate contracts in place that protect your assets and clarify what belongs to whom. Flexible workforce alternatives like SOW, Outsourcing, HRO and RPO help you leverage your talent across geographies and secure the best candidates at competitive prices. But they need to be managed the right way.

Strategic Resourcing

Knowledge is power, make sure you know the numbers and are prepared to drive efficiency and change at the strategic level as more and more C-suite executives become interested in that 15 percent of their workforce that is contingent and critical to your company’s success.


Domestic and global buyers surveyed by Staffing Industry Analysts say they plan to use 30 percent fewer contractors in 2013, mainly because of the risk involved with this worker classification. Gain visibility and monitor the different worker categories that you have on board worldwide. Visibility is the first step to protecting your company from increased federal and state vigilance. Then ensure that these workers have been engaged the right way and are appropriately classified. Your providers will help you keep compliant as your company engages global talent across different borders.

Check out our latest SIA research on contingent buyer plans for the next two years by clicking here. This is available to our council members free of charge. Others, please contact Dawn McCartney at for more information on how to be a council member.


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