October 5, 2011 - Vol. 3.27

This week: Use caution when considering whether to take advantage of the IRS' new reclassification "amnesty" program; The AWR has gone into effect in the U.K.

September 28, 2011 - Vol. 3.26

A branding expert discusses the importance of treating contingent the right way to help protect your company's image; Why temp worker usage rates are so low in the United States.

September 21, 2011 - Vol. 3.25

This week: It's important to be mindful of talent while trying to keep costs down; A new quarterly report indicates employers are guarded about their hiring plans.

September 14, 2011 - Vol. 3.24

This week: How President Obama's jobs bill can make the use of contingents cheaper; The accidental disclosure of contingents' pay in the U.K. has created a storm.

September 7, 2011 - Vol. 3.23

This week: Ask the right questions in an interview to identify better workers; Understand the diffierent legal limitations in screening between the U.S. and the U.K.

August 31, 2011 - Vol. 3.22

This week: Establishing a benchmarking and rating program can help ensure you are getting good contingents at a fair rate; be careful when establishing a drug screening program in European countries; a... More

August 24, 2011 - Vol. 3.21

This week: Proceed cautiously when conducting background screens on contingents; The much-maligned H-1B visa program continues to take some hits.

August 17, 2011 - Vol. 3.20

In this issue of CWS 30: Steps to take when expanding your program into other geographies; a court rules that a staffing firm cannot prohibit temps from discussing their pay; the U.K. government clears... More

August 10, 2011 - Vol. 3.19

This week's issue of CWS 30 covers how metrics, once relegated to improve operational efficiency in factories, can be applied to the HR and recruiting functions. Also, learn how performing core versus... More

August 3, 2011 - Vol. 3.18

In this issue: Learn about key mistakes that CWM program leaders may make when expanding their CWM program globally. Also, Dr. Jac Fitz-Enz, author of the award-winning The ROI of Human Capital... More