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US – TechServe Alliance: H-1B decision set for today

April 11 2013

A comprehensive immigration bill being drafted by the “Gang of Eight” bipartisan group of U.S. senators includes an “outplacement” provision that would prohibit the use of H-1B visas by staffing firms if enacted into law, the TechServe Alliance announced. The Senators are now in final negotiations on what to include in the legislation, with a final decision expected today.

The TechServe Alliance has an all-out lobbying effort under way in regard to the bill.


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jake_leone04/12/2013 11:45 am

In 2012, more than half (more than 40,000) of the H-1b visas were used by Offshore Outsourcing companies.

In 2013, two-thirds of the H-1b visas applications (more than 80,000) have been submitted by Offshore Outsourcing companies.

Any increase in the number of H-1b visas will be taken up by Offshore Outsourcing companies. These companies destroy jobs, and remove whole departments to overseas locations. How can we be so stupid as to allow this Job destroying government program to expand?

The fact is our domestic Tech companies barely use the H-1b visa program. Why are our tech CEOs lobbying for an increase, they will never use?

The Outsourcing companies can be stopped by putting the H-1b and Green Card process in the hands of the worker, from Day-1.

We have let the whining of a few tech CEOs (who want protection from the real free labor market), create and expand a Monster job-destroying government program, that is mostly used by Offshore Outsourcing companies.

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