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Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo

Last weekend, a friend gave me a beautiful candle as a gift. No surprise there, given it’s the holiday season. But more than the candle — beautiful as it was — here’s what caught my eye: The package said in small print (but not so small you could not read it):

Contains 1 candle from Thailand
 Glass candle holder and decorative wreath from China
 Assembled In Thailand
 Distributed by Pier I Imports, Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A.

I can imagine workers both temporary and full-time in various parts of the world putting together this product. It’s truly a small world, after all. And just to corroborate the above, Staffing Industry Analysts Buyer 2011 survey  revealed that 50 percent of the end users of contingent labor surveyed are considering going global in the next two years (that 50 percent is in addition to the 25 percent already operating globally). That tells you something about the mindset of these professionals. As they manage their programs, they see the value of using workers worldwide.

It’s a no brainer. You gain flexibility, keep your costs down and get smart workers.

As for staffing firms, it’s a great business opportunity. Buyers cannot do this without the help of qualified suppliers. And for the end users of contingent labor, if you are one of the 50 percent considering a global program, come join me as I moderate a webinar this Thursday on tailoring your program to global realities. Our speakers, BMC Software’s Holly Olzewski and Lisa Moser from Qualcomm, talk about Latin America, EMEA and India, and how to administer these locales.

Happy Holidays.

Or as they say in Spanish, Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo! And in Hindi: Naye Saal Ki Shubh Kaamnayein.


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