How long can the current IT temp staffing boom last?

A couple of days back, I was interviewing my four panelists for the upcoming IT Staffing Trends and Outlook Webinar. I have to say, hearing them talk about their IT business was music to my ears. The consensus among them was that yes, things are going very well in the IT staffing world.

However, the current boom most likely reflects pent-up demand from last year's recession. IT projects can be deferred, but ultimately upgrades have to be done, projects implemented--and that's all playing out at the moment. 

What about the longer term? Over the last ten years, while IT has ebbed and flowed it has not exceeded its 1998 peak. The IT staffing market was about $17 billion then, and that's about what it is now.  Too, (relatively) high unemployment remains a feature of the IT job market; that should constrain any shortage-driven demand.

Of course, technological change is often sudden and some new technology could take things to a more prosperous level, but absent that, staffing firms in this business need to have a strategy to drive growth. Hope is not a plan. Some are already exploring two options in particular.

Our research already shows that many IT staffing firms are looking into "statement of work," or SOW--the project-based world, and also into the independent contractor compliance business. We'll be discussing this and other trends in IT staffing during the Webinar. So if you are seeking answers to some of the questions that I have raised in this blog, be sure sign up for the Webinar on Nov. 4 by clicking here.


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