What do you do when the staffing company doesn't listen - June 2010 Marketing Blog

Maybe it is doesn't listen and can't fulfill? I have written before about the challenges of hiring contingent workers at Staffing Industry Analysts and I feel compelled to write about it again this month. If we are a subset of the market, hiring a contingent worker is a pain. We are just trying to hire one, I could imagine if we needed to hire 20, or 100 or thousands how the problem would be compounded.

If you read my blog, you know we use contingent workers to help us make telemarketing calls for conferences. We are facing the challenge of bringing in someone who doesn't meet our qualifications - again. Why is it so hard to get a telemarketer who has 2-3 years experience in making outbound sales calls? You would think that staffing companies would know hundreds of these people, but alas, it appears not. It is very frustrating to write job descriptions for the staffing companies and have the job descriptions completely ignored. We are not looking for a receptionist, nor are we looking for a customer service person, nor are we looking for an admin. We are looking for a telemarketing person -- hello, is there anyone on the other end of the phone?Here is the sad truth; we went on Craig's List to see if we could find candidates. Of course there were numerous, we sent those ads to the staffing company and still came up with the wrong candidate. I know that we don't hire a lot of temps, but staffing companies, we write about you, listen to us! We need a telemarketer, go find one, let me give you a tip, there are many who are advertising their services on Craig's List.
Small companies need temps just like large companies do. I might suggest that given most small companies are small, they don't have a bench like a larger company does and a contingent worker is likely to be more highly valued in a small organization. Listen to the needs of smaller organizations; they might help you build a larger business.So if anyone out there has a telemarketing person with a couple of years of experience who can make outbound calls and work independently, call us. Of course I will have to get around that our corporate parent has a contract with certain staffing companies and I don't think I am allowed to use other companies, but I believe in begging for forgiveness!


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