What I Recently Learned - October 2010 Marketing Blog

It has been a while since I have last blogged, sometimes it is hard to stay up with the monthly rhythm of writing. Sometimes I don't have much to share, but since my last posting I have learned quite a bit.  We held our Healthcare Staffing Summit and we had a panel on Social Media. Below are ten things I learned from that panel:

  1. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest, behind China and India.
  2. A best practice for Facebook is to assign everyone on your staff a Facebook ID, so that they have a Facebook login attached to your company, rather than a personal login. Have the login be part of your on-boarding process much the same way that an email login is.
  3. Staffing companies have yet to figure out how to monetize social networking, but feel they need to do more than dabble in the space.
  4. Although some still debate LinkedIn vs. Facebook, most believe you need to be in both places, that Facebook is not for friends and family anymore.
  5. Corporations can put controls on the use of social media sites, but most social media sites are accessed through mobile devices, so putting controls on employees is somewhat useless.
  6. Sixty-five percent of all organizations support at least one Web 2.0 technology.
  7. he biggest challenge with social technologies is managing the content. Most companies are repurposing the same content in multiple places. This might backfire, the best practice is to understand your audience and post the most applicable content on the most applicable channel.
  8. Social media is not your entire marketing mix; it is simply another distribution channel of your message. Make sure you have the right audience for the message.
  9. Many staffing companies don't have a unique owner for social media. It seems to fall in many people's domain, but most often the people are under thirty. Okay, maybe even younger. Social platforms for a company need an owner, need a plan, need to gain internal buy off, need to be well executed, managed and maintained.
  10. Most staffing companies have a marketing and sales plan, few have a social media plan.

Social media platforms might morph, but they aren't going away. Key takeaways:

  1. Find an owner
  2. Write a plan
  3. Revise your plan regularly
  4. Create metrics that work for you company. Hint: the metrics have to be meaningful to your company: number of re-tweets, number of "friends" or "fans" might not be the right metrics for you.
  5. Follow, measure and remix.


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