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2012 Talent Acquisition (TA) Priorities Reported by Staffing Firms

Where's the info coming from?

SIA's new survey of Staffing Firm's "Talent Acquisition Practices" was recently launched and responses are coming in. While we are only in the early stages of receiving responses to our online survey questions, I wanted to offer a sneak peek into responses to one of the questions below.  For more information about the survey, see my other blog post, About the Survey.  To go directly to the survey and take it, click on this link:  Take the Survey now

TA priorities coming into focus?

In one of our questions, we asked respondents to indicate "the top 3 most significant changes" their staffing firms would undertake in their TA (Talent Acquisition) functions over the next year.  Here are some "early, exit-poll results:" 

(Click on image to enlarge)

At this early stage, respondents have most frequently clearly identified two Talent Acquisition-related changes as significant: Upgrade systems (60.0%) and Redesign/optimize business processes (56.7%).  The next most frequently identified change was Use support of remote workers (33%). 

If respondents continue to vote in this way, then it will be clear that changes in Talent Acquisition Technology (TAT) and Talent Acquisition Processes will be very much at the top of the priority list for 2012. 

Interestingly, this is a 2012 outcome we have been predicting. See 2012 Talent Acquisition Technology for Staffing Firms: "It is really not excessive to assert that TA is a set of processes, now co-evolving with rapidly-changing forms of worker engagement (contingent, remote-virtual, et al) and with new technology applications. Staffing firms will therefore need to monitor and anticipate these changes more than ever, recognizing that technology is clearly one of the primary drivers and enablers in the mix."

To understand more about Talent Acquisition in the staffing industry and how the industry is changing, take a few minutes and participate in the survey: 

 For more information about the survey, see my other blog post, About the Survey. To go directly to the survey and take it, click on this link: Take the Survey now.


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