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Online Staffing: Still Partly Cloudy--Clearing Trend Ahead

There is rising awareness among staffing firms and contingent workforce buyers on the subject of what SIA is calling "online staffing."  As with many emerging developments, the semantics are still getting sorted out across the workforce management and technology industries. Different terms abound like online work (or labor) platforms, crowdsourcing platforms, talent exchanges, human... More

The New Staffing Firm/Contingent Worker “CRM” -- CWRM, A Kind of Lifecycle “Talent Management” of Contingent Workers

I recently conducted some analysis on a data set of some 4,000+ temporary workers who responded to questions about their relationship with their current staffing firm (see 2012 Temporary Worker Survey). These questions ranged quite broadly, though not exhaustively, across the “staffing firm/contingent worker relationship life cycle” (e.g., “How did you first learn about your staffing... More