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Back From The Future (i.e., The ERE Recruiting Innovation Summit)

Earth Year 2013, May 16 (Ship's Log)

I attended this event for the second year in a row and once again have returned safely from the future (but not unchanged). My perspective on the significant impact of technology on talent acquisition has been further validated as well as expanded.

Staffing firms—any firm whose business is “work arrangement intermediation” (part of the staffing talent... More

Elance Reports Strong Q1 ’13 Growth As More Businesses and Freelancers Get Turned-On To Online Work

“Online staffing” platform Elance posted its Q1 2013 numbers today, reflecting healthy growth trends, based in part on global supply and demand conditions for advanced technical expertise. 

Freelancer earnings for the quarter amounted to $60M, up approximately 40% over Q1 2012. 

Elance also reported that “freelancers hired” in Q1 2013 grew 60% over Q1 2012. 

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