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Job Boards Alive and Well In Temporary Staffing

The rise of social media is often touted as eclipsing (even "deep sixing") job boards and online search  as "candidate gateways" in talent acquisition/sourcing.  But but this assertion did not seem to be supported by our recent analysis of of data collected from about 4,000 temps (associated with over 50 staffing firms). 

Temps were asked to respond to the question:... More

What is the Importance of "Sourcing" in Your Staffing Firm?

Does your staffing firm organize and conduct "sourcing" as a distinct process and discipline?  What does it consist of?  How important is it to your firm? 

What is "sourcing?" 

In his recent post, The Current and Future State of Talent Staffing, Glen Cathey (the renowned Sourcing "Black Belt" and now the new VP, Global Sourcing and Talent Strategy at... More

2012 Talent Acquisition (TA) Priorities Reported by Staffing Firms

Where's the info coming from?

SIA's new survey of Staffing Firm's "Talent Acquisition Practices" was recently launched and responses are coming in. While we are only in the early stages of receiving responses to our online survey questions, I wanted to offer a sneak peek into responses to one of the questions below.  For more information about the survey, see my other blog post,... More