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Staffing Firms and Technology in 2012: Challenging Staffing Firms “At Their Own Game?”

I concluded my most recent post, “Staffing Firms and Technology in 2012: ‘Apocalypse Now ‘ or ‘A Time of Transformation’,” with the following assertion about the challenges to be faced by staffing firms addressing the imperative to absorb and adopt new technologies:

I believe the rate of absorption and adoption may be more moderated among corporate enterprise buyers, but necessarily faster... More

Staffing Firms and Technology In 2012: “Apocalypse Now” or “A Time of Transformation?”

In my last post, "Will 2012 Mark the End of "Irrational Ambivalence,' ", I suggested that there might be “no time like the present” for staffing firms to begin taking a serious and in-depth look at what is happening in relevant technology.  In this post, I will hazard to develop my argument a little further.

The maturation and near-ubiquity of game-changing electronic platforms... More

Staffing Firms and Technology: Will 2012 Mark The End of "Rational Ambivalence?"

The emerging attitude of many staffing firms toward technology over the past years seems to have become something I would characterize as "rational ambivalence." Perhaps the opposite of Greenspan's oft-quoted "irrational exuberance," "rational ambivalence” reflects uncertainty and indecision based on a clear, ordered perspective on hard facts.

Though hardly a worst enemy,... More