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Part III: The Reality of “Social Recruiting” and How to Approach It

 In Part I, we broadly discussed some of the challenges facing many staffing firms in coming to grips with extensive new technology to enable and support so-called “social recruiting" processes and practice.    In Part II, we focused on a shift in staffing business thinking, FROM one that “delivers people/workers as products” TO one that “provides... More

Head in the Cloud, Boots on the Ground: An “Onsite Worker" Version of "Online Staffing"

It is often thought that the “online staffing platform model” only applies to “remote/virtual work arrangements” (e.g., I am here in San Francisco, and I hire a Java developer in the Ukraine, who performs all of the work I require remotely).  But this is not the case. 

Though the model has most often been used to support “remote/virtual work arrangements” (software development,... More