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Part II: The Reality of Social Recruiting and How to Approach It

In Part I of this series, I suggested that one of the largest challenges to staffing firms pursuing and taking advantage of “social recruiting” was achieving a clear understanding of what it really is and what it implies. I noted that that my definition of [the general concept of] "social" is this:  “processes and systems enabling electronic/online, engagement-rich, value-adding... More

Elance: A Case of Extraordinary Reinvention and Innovation within the “Staffing Industry” Ecosystem

The histories of formation of “online staffing” platform providers provide rich, interesting, and informative insights into this emerging industry segment., for example, was started-up in Sweden in 2004 as an early innovator in “online staffing,” and as of 2009 is now owned by Australian company Ignite Networks (and has recently acquired Canadian platform Scriptlance).... More