Bryan Peña

VP, Contingent Workforce Strategies and Research

Bryan Peña

As Staffing Industry Analysts’ Vice President, Contingent Workforce Strategies and Research, Peña is internationally recognized as the expert on contingent workforce management strategies and tactics. His primary function is to manage the unique needs of the CWS Council globally, helping these companies deploy cutting-edge strategies for managing their contingent labor and, as required, provide buy-side viewpoints to staffing firms. He is also responsible for drafting and executing the CWS Council research agenda with the ultimate goal of advancing thought leadership around the growing field of contingent work. An accomplished speaker and presenter, Peña’s specific expertise comes from over a decade of strategic sourcing experience in Fortune 500 companies and includes services pricing and negotiation strategies, contract construction, risk management, and international MSP and VMS program delivery models.

Peña is also known for his bimonthly column, which runs in Staffing Industry Analysts’ publications.

Peña graduated with a B.A. in economics from University of California at San Diego.

Recent Articles

Column Corner: Drafting a Contract

January 26, 2011

As companies move into a new year, they often consider evaluating their current vendor relationships and contracts. We at Staffing Industry Analysts often field questions related to contracts -- what they should cover and what they should say.

CWS Council - 2010 VMS and MSP Supplier Competitive Landscape

October 14, 2010

  • At 100 pages long report is the first of several defining reports on the VMS and MSP market to be released by SIA over the next several months
  • The fourth iteration of this report represents the most comprehensive analysis ever of key players and trends in the VMS and MSP Market
  • Report... More

Lexicon of global contingent workforce related terms

September 29, 2010

Over 200 contingent workforce related terms and definitions
International terminology included for the first time
Document promotes standardized language usage in CW management

CWS Council - 2010 Independent Contractor Qualification & Compliance — Best Practices

March 31, 2010

Simply the very latest research on independent contractor qualification & compliance practices.
What are the real risks inherent to engaging independent contractors?
How do you engage stakeholders in the program?
What are the questions you need to consider when constructing your vetting process?... More

CWS Council - Insight - Changes in SUTA / FUTA and how they affect the Contingent Workforce

February 23, 2010

High unemployment in many states has resulted in dramatic increases to the SUTA rates
Nine states show average 2009 SUTA tax rates above 3.0%
Increases in SUTA tax rates disproportionately burden staffing firms, less so for increases in wage base
Many providers are looking to their customers to help... More

CWS Council Member Provided Content - Achieving Program Balance Across Speed/Cost/Quality/Risk

February 10, 2010

 A CWS Council Member provided PowerPoint graphic which illustrates the tension between differing program objectives and how they relate to the optimal program balance.
How do different stakeholders value decision criteria?
What at a high level are the different dimensions to consider and how do they... More

CWS Council - CITATION - GAO Position Paper on Employee Misclassification

February 9, 2010

Exhaustive 74 page report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on the topic of Employee Misclassification
How do Government Agencies work together to address employee misclassification?
What are the recommended actions by the GAO to improve enforcement and clarify regulations for business?
How... More

Ask the Procurement Guy: Bill Rates,Contingent Workforce Strategies May/June 2009

May 21, 2009

Understand how your program works in a recession

Ask the Procurement Guy: What's the Yardstick?Contingent Workforce Strategies July/August 2009

July 27, 2009

Consider program goals when deciding on the metrics to include in your contract

CWS Council - RFP Template: 1099 Compliance & Payrolling Support

May 28, 2009

How to broaden the creative range of solution proposals
Connecting dialogue with suppliers to strategic business objectives
A robust tool for structuring the procurement process