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The global staffing market represents approximately $1.3 trillion in spend. You and your company supply the labor that supports that spend. For more than 20 years Staffing Industry Analysts has been researching, analyzing and writing about contingent labor -- we understand your business like no one else does.

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  • Europe (sixteen countries including France, Germany, U.K. and the Netherlands) 




United Kingdom*4 primary markets comprises
 77% of Western European spend.

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Staffing Industry Analysts Corporate Membership -- Europe
Europe comprises countries including France, Germany, U.K., & the Netherlands.
A single fee delivers Staffing Industry Analysts' award winning service to all employees of your firm. Each user receives:

  • Access to our website which is the gateway to all Staffing Industry Analysts content. You will find up-to-date news, analysis, research, opinions and trends on our website. Specifically you will find legal/regulatory updates, market forecasts, financial/operating benchmarks, briefings on key economic and financial indicators written by local analysts who have years of experience in the staffing and research world
  • Personalized research delivered to your email inbox. Sign up for the topics that most interest you. When we write research, it is delivered to you directly
  • Benchmark data. Participate in our quarterly surveys and find out where you stand in comparison to your peers
  • Quarterly Corporate Member webinars discussing the latest trends and outlooks
  • Telephone access to analysts -- schedule confidential one-on-one sessions with one of our experts and discuss the issues you need resolved most
  • Discounts to conferences, events and additional research

Become the most informed 

With Staffing Industry Analysts' services you will know the local, regional, national and global trends in the staffing market. You will learn who is the biggest, who's the best, which markets are growing and where they are shrinking. You will be the first to know not only the trends, but how those trends are shaped. Let Staffing Industry Analysts help you plot your next move and get there first.


European Corporate Membership
If you are a European staffing firm executive or owner, choose the Corporate Membership level below based on your annual revenue; every level gives full Corporate Membership benefits to as many employees in your company as you want.
Level 1 - European Staffing Company: €900 (€5M or less in annual revenue)
Level 2 - European Staffing Company: €1,700 (Above €5M to €50M in annual revenue)
Level 3 - European Staffing Company: €2,550 (Above €50M to €100M in annual revenue)
Level 4 - European Staffing Company: €4,900 (Above €100M to €200M in annual revenue)
Level 5 - European Staffing Company: €10,000 (Above €200M to €750M in annual revenue)
Level 6 - European Staffing Company: €15,000 (Above €750M to €2B in annual revenue)
Level 7 - European Staffing Company: €25,000 (Above €2B in annual revenue)

European Non-Staffing Firms:  €2,585

Government/Non-profit Organizations:  €937
Management Consulting Firms, Private Equity, Investment Funds, Investment Banks:  €7,384