Recent Updates

Technical-IT temp bill rates rise 3.3%

10 February 2014

An index measuring the direction of technical-IT temporary worker bill rates in the U.S. rose 3.3 percent in 2013, according to IQNavigator, which tracks temporary worker bill rates through IQNdex.

Cloud computing driving IT salaries upwards

9 February 2014

The increasing use of cloud computing technologies, such as virtualization and online storage, as well as additional focus on using online channels to interact with consumers, are driving the demand for IT professionals who are equipped with the requisite skill sets.

CompTIA says global IT industry to grow 3.4%

9 February 2014

The information technology industry is likely to experience moderate growth in 2014, according to the IT Industry Outlook 2014 released Jan. 21 by CompTIA.

Largest Staffing Firms in India

5 February 2014

  • This report can be used to unravel the Indian staffing landscape.
  • It identifies the largest ten firms and another 160 potential suppliers.
  • Details include the nature of the market, demographics, current and future conditions, opportunities and threats and geographic spread.

Herding Cats: What MSPs Really Do

5 February 2014

The critical mission of the modern-day MSP is not just to cut costs, but to bring order.

Introducing MSP 3.0

5 February 2014

As the industry reaches the tail end of the adoption curve on MSPs, the CW management model is evolving in striking ways.

Strengthening European Employment Could Bring Talent Shortage

5 February 2014

Following cautious growth last summer, the number of hours worked by agency workers across Europe strengthened in November by 1.4 percent, year over year, pointing to potential talent shortages.

Buyer Gets Brunt of OSHA Penalties

5 February 2014

A car part manufacturer faces penalties stemming from complaints filed with OSHA alleging safety hazards. Its staffing provider faces lighter penalties. 

Temp Bill Rates Should Rise in 2014

5 February 2014

Bill rates for U.S. contingent labor rose little in 2013 despite temporary help agency employment setting record volumes, according to the IQNdex report by IQNavigator, a vendor management system provider.

Your Provider’s Comp Plan Matters

5 February 2014

Your suppliers’ sales comp plans impact the quality of the service you receive. Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram talks about what you need to know in The Contingent Blog.