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Here a SOW, there a SOW. Everywhere a ...

4 June 2014

The contingent workforce of the future will likely include more statement-of-work contracts, according to a recent survey of buyers. 

Acquisitions, rumored deals, more options for buyers

4 June 2014

Two acquisitions were announced this week, the latest in a series that are signaling the dynamic nature of the industry. Buyers are facing a market that is evolving. 

Tech groups boycott IBM, Infosys, Manpower over hiring practices

4 June 2014

Three U.S. tech worker groups have launched a labor boycott of IBM, Infosys and ManpowerGroup, saying the companies have engaged in a pattern that discourages U.S. workers from applying for U.S. IT jobs by tailoring employment ads toward overseas workers. PCWorld reports on the boycott here.

More Contingents, Fewer Temps

4 June 2014

Buyers are bullish about increasing their future use of higher-skilled contingents, but what kinds? Global Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram digs into what they have to say and what it means for program managers and their suppliers in The Contingent Blog. 

SIA Conference: Contingent Workforce Strategies Summit Las Vegas

4 June 2014

Join hundreds of your contingent labor program managers at the 10th annual CWS Summit, coming to the Mirage Hotel & Casino October 8-9. Gain valuable strategies that forward your company’s mission as well as best practices and real-world solutions. Author and consultant Marcus Buckingham,... More

How HR Can Make the Most of your Contingent Workforce Program - May 2014

29 May 2014

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • How HR and procurement professionals can successfully work together to build tomorrow's contingent workforce
  • Duration approximately 1 hour

Online Services Platforms: Can they work?

28 May 2014

  • Online Services platforms belong to a unique category in the SIA Human Cloud Platform taxonomy, alongside (and sometimes overlapping with) Online Staffing and Crowdsourcing platforms
  • In Online Services, businesses (wherever they are) purchase a specific service offered by the platform; the platform... More

Rest of the World Legs & Regs Advisor April 2014

23 May 2014

  • Read our latest legal update in association with the Ius Laboris network
  • We have covered a variety of judicial developments, including labour reforms and court rulings
  • Data has been gathered from across the Rest of the World

VMS just got upgraded to frenemy

21 May 2014

Most staffing executives see VMS as the spawn of the devil, but based on what buyers tell us, it may also have been the greatest driver of increased contingent usage over the last decade, writes Jon Osborne, Staffing Industry Analysts' VP of strategic research, in The Contingent Blog. 

Forget the mediocre: go for great quality in your CW program

21 May 2014

Buyers have consistently claimed quality service and results as a priority, but quality program management has been a tough element to execute.