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More drivers ruled employees, not independent contractors

25 June 2014

Last week, the U.S. Court of appeals for the ninth circuit ruled that a class of drivers were employees under California law, reversing a lower court’s decision. 

Contingent usage on the rise

25 June 2014

In our 2014 Contingent Buyers Survey for North America, we asked buyers how much of their workforce is contingent currently, and what they expect it to be in two years.

Is a VMS right for your program’s needs?

25 June 2014

The type of service you require of your staffing suppliers should be a factor when considering adopting a vendor management system, says Gary Zander, president and CEO of Project One, in The Staffing Stream. Some buyer needs are well-suited to the VMS structure, while others require higher-touch service... More

SIA research: Buyers’ best advice for recruiting and retaining former employees

25 June 2014

Sometimes, former employees can be a valuable asset to a CW program. Buyers of contingent labor report methods of recruiting and retaining them that tend to work best. Among them, creating an alumni groups via social media and sharing periodic updates and job openings. Read more here

A Look at New Zealand

23 June 2014

This report includes the information you should know before setting up in New Zealand, including:

  • The legal landscape.
  • Rules and Regulations surround temporary workers
  • The Middleman - Managed Service Providers

Sri Lankan Statistics

23 June 2014

This citation provides excellent sources for labour and migration statistics in Sri Lanka.

Buyer Survey: Recruiting Former Employees

20 June 2014

  • The top suggestion is to stay connected, particularly through a Linkedin or Facebook group
  • Several buyers suggested using social media to ensure that former employees are aware of current job openings
  • Buyers also suggested treating employees with honesty and professionalism, particularly as they... More

Cross Country’s acquisition of MSN shakes up healthcare staffing landscape

18 June 2014

Cross Country Healthcare Inc. agreed to acquire Medical Staffing Network for $48.3 million in cash. offers businesses better rates than leading sites — Sponsor Content

18 June 2014

Travelers Haven announced the official launch of its hotel booking platform,

Cumberland acquires Cipe Consulting

18 June 2014

Cumberland Consulting Group, a provider of healthcare IT staffing and others services, acquired Cipe Consulting.