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SIA Research: What CW programs should know about the ACA

13 August 2014

This report, available to CWS Council members, summarizes the ACA employer mandate as it applies to staffing suppliers and their client employer customers. Companies subject to the mandate face penalties for any months in which they fail to offer qualifying employees health coverage that meets certain... More

Largest Staffing & Outsourcing Firms in Peru 2014

8 August 2014

  • This report can be used to unravel the Peruvian staffing landscape.
  • It identifies the largest twenty firms in the market.
  • Details include the nature of the market, demographics, current and future conditions, opportunities and threats and geographic spread.

To SOW or not? What every program manager should know

6 August 2014

Here are a few things that should be considered before going live with a statement-of-work program management initiative.

The new, improved quarterly performance review

6 August 2014

With supplier performance data available constantly, a quarterly supplier performance review should become a more strategic planning session.

Costly temp: Agency nurse earns more than $3,000 in one day

6 August 2014

National Health Services (NHS) hospitals across the U.K. are so short-staffed that on the May 5 public holiday, one facility paid $3,000 for one agency nurse's 12-hour shift. Another hospital reportedly paid more than $4,200 for a doctor who worked the same day.

Training: Build it and they will come

6 August 2014

A new training program highlights a promising option for companies facing skills shortages and their staffing suppliers: People are lining up for training, paying a substantial fee when they land a job. Global Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram explains in The Contingent Blog.

IQNavigator sells MSP division

6 August 2014

IQNavigator, a vendor management system provider, announced this week it sold its managed service division to MSX International Inc., continuing a pattern of consolidation in the sector.

Smaller spend levels can call for a MSP/VMS

6 August 2014

When a company processes less than $20 million in annual temporary labor spend, does it make sense to deploy an MSP/VMS program? Operationally, administratively and financially, the answer is “yes,” asserts Joe O'Shea, director of client strategy and development for Superior Group, in The Staffing Stream.... More

CWS Council: Are you a member?

6 August 2014

CWS Council membership is designed exclusively for executives who have responsibilities related to their company's use of contingent/contractor/temporary workers and related solutions. Membership gives you full access to the expertise, knowledge and data of Staffing Industry Analysts.

By the Numbers: VMS

1 August 2014

  • Share of staffing buyers using VMS as a function of company size
  • Three-year moving average trend in VMS use
  • Percent of business conducted through a VMS