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UK pharmaceutical M&A creating demand for healthcare contractors

20 August 2014

Increased levels of m&a activity in the pharmaceutical sector has led to greater demand for healthcare contractors.

Offer talent management support & enhance CW productivity

20 August 2014

Is it time to extend talent management support to one’s contingent workforce?

UK increases focus on temp worker safety

20 August 2014

Just as OSHA in the U.S. has increased its focus on temp worker safety, agencies in the U.K. have been turning an eye to the safety of contingent workers. 

Deal with change, but focus more on progress

20 August 2014

Change may be a constant and inevitable for your program, but by knowing where it’s leading and how other industries handled similar trends, you can be prepared.

Don't call us: Thoughts on no-contact policies

20 August 2014

It’s the age-old debate: to allow direct contact with hiring managers or not? Global Editorial Director spoke with a buyer and supplier about this topic in The Contingent Blog.

Illinois claims lead in auditing for misclassified ICs

20 August 2014

Illinois led the nation in auditing employers for independent contractor misclassification, the Illinois Department of Employment Security announced this month. Employers that get caught face penalties.

Japan’s Worker Dispatch Act amendments would ease temp usage restrictions

20 August 2014

Anticipated amendments to Japan’s Worker Dispatch Act could have a significant impact on the personnel policies and workforce management of Japanese companies, the most significant of which would be allowing companies to staff a greater number of positions with temporary workers for longer (indefinite)... More

SIA Conference: 2014 CWS Summit

20 August 2014

Employer branding aligns recruitment and retention activities with business goals to affect the bottom line, drive market competitiveness, and dictate the future of the organization. Learn more about this topic and others at the CWS Summit, Oct. 8-9, in Las Vegas.

Rest of the World Legs & Regs Advisor July 2014

18 August 2014

  • Read our latest legal update in association with the Ius Laboris network of law firms
  • We have covered a variety of legal developments, including legislative reform and court rulings 
  • Data has been gathered from across the Rest of the World

The human resources technology revolution — Staffing Stream

13 August 2014

Stephen Robert Morse of SkillBridge discusses Human resources technology in a new post in The Staffing Stream.