Recent Updates

2015 VMS Service Differentiators Report

22 June 2015

The shift in focus from more traditional temporary worker management to larger, more complex categories, coupled with global expansion efforts have driven VMS providers to expand and mature feature functionality, resulting in significant innovation and differentiation across the VMS landscape. This report,... More

Higher Risk, Higher Reward: IT Staffing Companies and Statement-of-Work Engagements

19 June 2015

  • What is driving the rise in SOW?
  • How are the risks and opportunities different than staffing?
  • Is this market a viable path to growth for your firm? 

The favorite hiding place for CW spend: Reclassifying SOW

17 June 2015

Misclassification is a common topic, but it's usually pertaining to independent contractors. Recently, statement-of-work misclassification is gaining notice of CW managers.

Integrating the workforce: Why you need total talent management

17 June 2015

If your company keeps its worker categories and their management in separate silos, it may stand to gain by considering the concept of total talent management.

FedEx to pay $228 million; ‘Right-to-control’ prompts settlement in IC lawsuit

17 June 2015

Following an appeals court decision that FedEx Ground's California drivers are employees, FedEx Corp. agreed to pay $228 million to settle a independent contractor misclassification lawsuit.

Legal/regulatory roundup

17 June 2015

Recent legal activity on the world of work.

Benchmarks: Do temps use healthcare exchanges?

17 June 2015

In our 2015 North America Temporary Worker Survey, we asked temporary workers assigned by staffing suppliers about their current use and plans regarding health insurance exchanges.

The H-1B lottery: Who is gaming the system?

10 June 2015

In recent years, the annual caps for H-1B visas have been met within the first week the government begins accepting petitions for the visa. However, some may be gaming the system.

Meet staffing’s new neighbor, the ‘gig economy’

10 June 2015

Firms in this space create online platforms to connect labor buyers with workers, who can be independent contractors reached via a mobile app.

The definitive guide to engaging top tech candidates — Promoted

10 June 2015

Top tech talent doesn’t respond to generic “seeking rock star programmer” emails. Personalized messaging is key to hitting your response-rate goal and generating a slate of top candidates.