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McDonald’s Franchisee Faces Blacklisting Over Labor Violations

9 April 2014

A McDonald’s franchisee in Canada and two other employers may lose their ability to source workers through the country’s temporary foreign worker program; McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada is in the process of terminating its franchisee relationship.

SIA Webinar: A Live Case Study on Global Contingent Workforce Deployment

9 April 2014

Organizational compliance and security through visibility to all non-employees has moved to the forefront of business priorities for many Fortune 500 companies. This can be especially true in if you are expanding to other countries were program adoption may prove challenging.

A Look at the Argentinian Contingent Workforce Environment

8 April 2014

  • Overview of the Argentinian legal landscape
  • Significance of collective bargaining agreements
  • Details on employers' statutory costs

Courts at Odds Over Arbitration Agreement Ruling

2 April 2014

The U.S. Supreme Court held that arbitration agreements that bar class claims are valid, and that federal law preempts state laws that bar class action waiver agreements. However, further court rulings don't apply this ruling evenly.

Taking the Pulse of Contingent Labor

2 April 2014

Knowing the pulse of the staffing industry can help you prepare for the ebbs and flows in contingent labor demand from your various departments.

Large U.S. Staffing Firm Files Pre-Packaged Chapter 11

2 April 2014

It’s important to be mindful of your staffing firms’ finances, because an unexpected bankruptcy filing could be a huge disruption. While a supplier’s filing this week should pose no problems for the buyers involved, it serves as a wake-up call to ensure your suppliers are solvent.

Fieldglass Acquisition: A Crystal Ball

2 April 2014

The news last week of SAP’s intention to buy Fieldglass led our director of contingent workforce strategies and research in Europe to reflect on his own experiences merging the companies’ two technologies. He also speculates on what the future has in store. Read more in The Contingent Blog.

Subcontractor Pays $277,000 in Misclassification Case

2 April 2014

Empire Janitorial Sales and Services Inc. has paid $277,565 in overtime back wages to 233 current and former janitorial service workers employed by Acadian Payroll Services LLC. Additionally, Acadian was found to have failed to establish a seven-day workweek and maintain proper records of weekly hours... More

California Bill Would Make Buyer Responsible for Suppliers’ Violations

2 April 2014

ProPublica reports California could become one of the first states in the nation to hold companies legally responsible for wage and safety violations by their subcontractors and temp agencies if a bill proposed Friday becomes law. To read the story, click here.

SIA Research: Industry’s Reponse to Online Staffing

2 April 2014

Online staffing and human cloud platforms have become a focus of much interest. This report, available to corporate and CWS Council members, shows how some staffing firms are dealing with the developing market.