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You Ask/We Answer: When using offshore recruiters

25 April 2014

When using offshore recruiters, what can we do to help increase their effectiveness?

Dismissing Labor Arbitrage? You May Be Missing Out

23 April 2014

If you think labor arbitrage is too foreign a concept or simply not for your company, think again. You are probably already there. 

Thousands of UK Self-Employed Lacked Options; Prefer Permanent Worker Status

23 April 2014

Despite the high levels of unemployment, recent data reported by British newspaper The Independent revealed that a tenth of Britain’s 4.5 million strong self-employed workforce would rather have a “normal” job. 

Company Overcomes EEOC Suit; Attorney Advises Caution

23 April 2014

A company's use of credit checks to screen job applicants was upheld earlier this month by a federal appeals court, but contingent workforce users must still be careful to make sure background checks don’t run afoul of the law.

How Star Recruiters Hunt

23 April 2014

Tune out the white noise about recruiting sources and forget about niche job boards and job fairs. How your providers’ recruiters search is what’s critical, writes Global Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog.

Temps’ Healthcare Insurance Sources

23 April 2014

In our 2014 Temporary Worker Survey, we asked U.S. temporary agency workers how they receive healthcare insurance if they get any and whether they applied (or plan to apply) to an exchange if they don't receive coverage. 

FMLA Exhausted? Don't Terminate Just Yet

23 April 2014

A worker’s failure to return to work after exhausting leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act leave doesn’t mean you are in the clear to terminate him or her. Read why from’s Jon Hyman.

SIA Webinar Replay: Drive Sourcing and Hiring Success

23 April 2014

Leveraging every available talent pool to fill staff and contingent positions can make the difference in keeping your customers happy. In this webinar replay, Peoplefluent's Kevin Grossman, director of product and content marketing, discusses best practices and how technology can help drive sourcing... More

Manage Your Margins With Rate Cards

16 April 2014

Efficient programs happen when the managed service provider is allowed to do its job and the suppliers are given room to find the best candidates at economical prices. A tool that helps with this process is the rate card, writes program manager Ed Osowski in Staffing Industry Review. 

Despite rising rents, healthcare staffing firms save on housing – Sponsor Content

16 April 2014

To help control rising costs, more and more healthcare staffing firms are turning to housing specialists.