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Misclassified workers? What are your options?

7 January 2015

Andrew G. Poulos, an enrolled agent with more than 18 years' accounting and tax experience, writes about the IRS’ Voluntary Classification Settlement Program on the Intuit Accountants News Central blog.

SIA Research: Contingent Buyers Survey Cumulative Report

7 January 2015

This 385-page report comprises both the 2014 Contingent Buyers Survey and all previous such surveys, going back to 2006. Topics covered include: contingent use projections, acceptance levels of contingents, expectations regarding the Affordable Care Act, buyers’ best decisions, and program considerations... More

Argentina Market Snapshot

5 January 2015

  • Use this document to gain an overview of the size and nature of the staffing market
  • Report includes data on the wider economy and business environment

Financial Results Calendar 2014

31 December 2014

  • See a complete list of financial results across the staffing industry in 2014
  • Find out how your competitors or suppliers fared
  • All events listed are covered in the Daily News 

Rest of World News Report December 2014

31 December 2014

  • Missed the news last month? Here is a quick overview of what happened in the staffing industry and the labour markets across Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and the Americas
  • Browse news by region and keep up to date with the latest financial reports, market trends and employment data ... More

Is your MSP transactional or trusted? Why it matters to your program

23 December 2014

Your MSP may be hitting your SLAs and KPIs, but there’s a lot more it can be doing for you and your program. 

Apple, port firm hit by temp worker wage-and-hour suits

23 December 2014

Staffing buyers and their providers face more class action wage-and-hour lawsuits with two new lawsuits filed this month. 

Program stagnation? Study, compare and then adopt qualitative measures

23 December 2014

Is your program stuck in the mud? Look inward and outward to get it to the next level.

Integrate total talent management business initiatives now

23 December 2014

Shifts in management strategies are typically driven by important market change agents. What’s driving the trend toward total talent management?

Regulatory watch: Worker safety and misclassification

23 December 2014

OSHA has fined a nail polish manufacturer and two staffing firms for exposing workers to dangerous chemical hazards and vapors from flammable liquids; Rhode Island has established an anonymous telephone tip line for allegations of employee misclassification.