Recent Updates

Supplier Performance: Perception vs. Reality

19 December 2012

A recent study released by CareerBuilder highlights a disconnect between how staffing providers think they are doing and what their clients and talent perceive, writes Jerry Brenholz in The Staffing Stream.

A Look at the Indian Temporary Workforce Environment

13 December 2012

  • Overview of the Indian labour law and collective agreements
  • Understand the cost structure
  • Using and MSP in India

Forecasts for the Rest of the World

13 December 2012

  • First forecast outside Europe and North America
  • See which country is growing fastest
  • See who is growing slowest

Lawsuit Targets Crowdsourcing Operation

12 December 2012

CrowdFlower, a crowdsourcing website, faces a lawsuit that claims it pays below minimum wage and misclassifies its workers as independent contractors. 

Look Beyond Markups and Rates

12 December 2012

Looking at a supplier’s overall costs — and not just the gross margin — can help you pinpoint areas for savings.

Blog: All Hail the Contingent Workforce

12 December 2012

Last week, Bryan Peña declared 2012 as the year of the customer. Editorial Subadhra R. Sriram respectfully disagrees in The Contingent Blog.

EEOC Sues Sony and Staffing Firm

12 December 2012

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit last week against Sony and its staffing provider alleging the companies violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by terminating a contingent worker because she had a prosthetic leg.

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

12 December 2012

A CW manager shares how his program realized significant benefits by implementing a benchmarking strategy with the help of his managed service provider in the December issue of Staffing Industry Review

Blog: Getting Support for IC Compliance Measures

12 December 2012

Securing stakeholder sponsorship is critical when developing an independent contractor compliance program. Sabrina Clay, vice president of strategic alliances for Synergy Services Corp., shares key elements to ensure that support in The Staffing Stream.

Where the Hiring Process Can Backfire

12 December 2012

In a good interview, the candidate lays out his or her qualifications and the hiring manager describes the position and company clearly. When the hiring manager blows the process, you can lose out on good contingents. Read more from the Wall Street Journal here.