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Culture Matters in Attracting Talent

26 February 2013

If you want to be sure to find and attract the right talent, you must first identify your company’s own cultural traits and attributes.

By the Numbers

25 February 2013

  • What are staffing firm’s expctations on marketing/advertising spend?
  • Which marketing tactic has the highest bang-to-buck return?
  • How much does staffing spend on marketing compared to other industries?


25 February 2013

Get Your Name Out: Why the Book of Lists is an easy marketing tool.

The Other Side

25 February 2013

Part of the Family: It was the recruiter, not the assignment, that won over this consultant.

Power Seller

25 February 2013

Success in Sales: Three tips that will help you and your firm win business.

Expert’s Corner

25 February 2013

Free Agency: The hiring and retention of a skilled consultant.

The Good, the Bad and the Uncertain

25 February 2013

With employer penalties now less than a year away, staffing firms need to prepare themselves for the effects of the Affordable Care Act.

A Perfect Balance

25 February 2013

Sales and marketing perform vital but different tasks for staffing firms, often intertwining. However, both departments are only effective when they work in harmony.

Benefit of Counsel

24 February 2013

Stormy Waters: A primer of commercial liability coverage fundamentals.

Straight Talk From the Customer

24 February 2013

Ready for Review: Being prepared for supplier performance evaluations can help improve ties, business.