Recent Updates

Recruiter’s Anatomy

1 February 2012

It takes a certain skill set and personality to succeed in this field. Here we outline some common traits of successful recruiters.

Research Report: Out of time

1 February 2012

Majority of large customers use term limits.

Benefit of Counsel

1 February 2012

Can you pass it on? Staffing firms share background checks with clients — within parameters.

You Ask, We Answer

1 February 2012

What about E-Verify? 50% of staffing buyers say they don’t require it.

Legal Eagle: A Matter of Control

1 February 2012

A recent California court ruling affirms what we have reported often: whether a worker is properly classified as independent hinges on the level of control a company has over him or her. 

News: Tech Professionals’ Pay Rises

1 February 2012

Salaries for technology professionals rose 2 percent in 2011 and more are receiving bonuses, according to a salary survey released last week by job board operator Dice Holdings Inc.

Europe: Union Rights Challenged

1 February 2012

Two recent news stories in Europe have highlighted inconsistencies in what many would assume to be a fundamental right in most countries: the right of workers to join a labor union.

Blog: RPO Scores

1 February 2012

The fans are cheering. It’s not exactly a touchdown, but there’s cause for cheer, blogs Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram. RPO recruitment process outsourcing has gone global.

Around the Web: Job Quality Declines, a Recovery Roadblock and an Altered Job Market

1 February 2012

An economist believes the rising rate of self-employment is driving down job quality, the recession has altered the job market for good, and relocations are down, with job seekers stuck under burdensome mortgages.

Perspective: Finding the Right Suppliers

25 January 2012

A leader of a global CW program shares his process in identifying the right managed services providers for his company.