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Penn. case may make buyers liable for IC's injuries

19 August 2015

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that could hold companies liable for mishaps involving independent contractors, overturning a century of precedent and removing one of the advantages of hiring independent contracting firms, the Scranton Times Tribune reports.

APAC Buyers Survey: Contingent Share of Workforce

18 August 2015

  • Average share of workers who are contingent was 19% among buyers surveyed
  • Nearly half of buyers expected their contingent share to grow over next two years
  • Median projected growth in number of contingent workers over next two years was 10%

The model dilemma: How should you manage your program? Part 2

12 August 2015

This is the second and final installment introducing various management models organizations can choose for their programs.  

Judge to decide Uber IC case class action status; more gig firms go W-2

12 August 2015

Both sides in the Uber misclassification case in California appeared in federal court last Thursday to argue over class action status, according to news reports. Separately, two more gig economy firms opted for going with W-2 workers instead of independent contractors.

Court: DOL acted in ‘bad faith,’ upholds judgement in IC case

12 August 2015

The 5th Circuit Court awarded attorneys’ fees to a company that prevailed in what the court deemed a bad-faith independent contractor classification case brought by the US Department of Labor.

What does the ideal consultant look like?

12 August 2015

It takes a special breed to succeed as a consultant. Myriam Pericles, president of Alpha and Omega Consulting Group, writes about the qualities you and your recruiters should be looking for in Staffing Industry Review

SIA premium content

11 August 2015

2015 VMS & MSP Competitive Landscape report
ACA's effect on bill rates and strategies

Combating the skills shortage: Southwest is catching them young

11 August 2015

Many companies lament the skills shortage, but how are they addressing the problem? Here's what Southwest Airlines is doing.

IT staffing firms feature prominently on 2015 Largest List

8 August 2015

IT staffing firms led all other segments of the professional staffing sector in terms of representation on SIA’s recently updated list of largest U.S. staffing firms. 

European Commission approves 7S Group’s acquisition by ManpowerGroup

8 August 2015

The European Commission approved the acquisition of German staffing firm 7S Group by ManpowerGroup Inc. (NYSE: MAN).