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Heard on the Street: Delineating Core, Noncore Functions

10 August 2011

Analyzing what functions are core and what are not — and therefore are more suited to contingent worker usage — is a process all organizations should undergo.

Randstad Buying Large U.S. Supplier

10 August 2011

Randstad Holding NV, the world’s third-largest staffing firm announced plans last month to buy SFN Group Inc., the world’s 24th-largest staffing firm, a deal that could expand services offered to clients.

Top Suppliers Lists Available

10 August 2011

When Staffing Industry Analysts asked companies how they find their suppliers, 27 percent said it was via lists. Now available are nearly two dozen lists of the top staffing firms out there.

Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Taking a CWM Program Global

3 August 2011

Steven Scott, contingent workforce management consultant and advisor, lists key mistakes that CWM program leaders may make when expanding their CWM program globally.

In the Spotlight: Author and consultant Dr. Jac Fitz-Enz discusses analytics and hiring

3 August 2011

Dr. Jac Fitz-Enz, author of the award-winning The ROI of Human Capital and newly released The New HR Analytics, discusses the use of quantitative analysis among human resource professionals.

Misclassification Could Cost Millions

3 August 2011

Independent contractor misclassification remains an issue companies should be keeping an eye on, as suits and regulatory investigations continue to make news.

Europe: Green Card, Blue Card

3 August 2011

Europe’s Blue Card Directive is designed to attract highly talented workers by making it easier for them to come to Europe, move around and improve their status when they are in the region.

How to Apply Talent Management and Workforce Planning to Your Contingent Workforce

1 August 2011

  • Panel of experts discusses innovative approaches to workforce planning
  • See how other companies are projecting their hiring needs
  • Learn more about scenario planning to deliver a workforce with the appropriate skill sets

By the Numbers

28 July 2011

  • How do buyers find suppliers
  • The average revenue for a staffing firm
  • The number of mentor staffing firms on the 2011 Mentor/Protégé List

Expert’s Corner

27 July 2011

Don’t Be Fooled: A consumer’s guide to purchasing employment tests.