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Why Your Suppliers' Deals Should Matter

2 May 2012

ManpowerGroup’s recently announced $400 million RPO deal is just one of several contract-related announcements made recently. How do these affect the buyer of staffing services?

Employers’ Tax Wedge Rises Worldwide

2 May 2012

The percent of employment-related taxes rose throughout much of the world, according to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Proposed Bill: Workers Are Presumed Employees

2 May 2012

A proposed bill in Rhode Island defines “independent contractor” by presuming that a worker is an employee unless certain conditions are met. 

Building Your Contingent Workforce Program

30 April 2012

  • Panel discussion of strategies to building a CW program
  • See how other companies get stakeholder buy-in and manage their MSP/VMS
  • Learn what has worked and what hasn't from experienced CW program managers

When an MSP Is a Win for All

25 April 2012

A program manager shares what he believes are critical to the success of managed service provider relationships.

Use Discounts Effectively to Manage Staffing Suppliers

25 April 2012

Be careful about how you pursue discounts from your staffing suppliers, argues Staffing Industry Analysts' director of strategic solutions.

Misclassifications: Mass. Firms Pay $11 Million

25 April 2012

Massachusetts agencies collected nearly $11 million from firms that misclassified workers as independent contractors and other infractions.

Should You Insource Your MSP?

25 April 2012

You can hate or love it, but you can’t ignore the MSP, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog.

Power Seller

23 April 2012

Power Seller: Knowledge Rules

Expert’s Corner

23 April 2012

Expert’s Corner: Transforming Staffing