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Global Staffing Industry Size 2012

28 August 2013

Key Findings include:

The size of the global staffing market.

A breakdown of the 40 of the most important countries

Estimates of the size of temporary and permanent services.

What Is a System of Record?

28 August 2013

When you are implementing a VMS tool, you will invariably need to build integrations with other systems, and will need to be clear about what the system of record is for your data points. But what is a system of record?

Contingents’ Data Access Is Concern in Marijuana Audit

28 August 2013

Contingent workers’ access to confidential information has become a concern after an audit released earlier this summer of the Colorado Department of Public Health that covered, in part, temps’ access to medical marijuana registries.

Claims Prompt $665,000 in Sanctions for IC Case

28 August 2013

A complaint along with claims of misclassification as independent contractors prompted the California Labor Commissioner to ultimately deliver $664,764 in sanctions to a Sacramento, Calif., landscaping business, the California Department of Industrial Relations reported.

Making the Business Case

28 August 2013

Preparing for change and convincing management of its need requires certain processes. Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram discusses how she manages this process in The Contingent Blog. She will be moderating a panel at the CWS Summit on this topic as well.

Myths That Can Lead to Worker Misclassification

28 August 2013

Six myths regarding independent contractor classification may give employers an unwarranted sense of security — and can have costly consequences, writes Jim Buttonow in the CPA Insider.

CW Programs and Disaster Preparedness

28 August 2013

Efficient companies today enact business continuity and disaster recovery plans as an essential part of their operational planning, writes Debra Bergevine, VP of marketing at DCR Workforce, in The Staffing Stream. Most have periodic evacuation drills. However, how many of these companies explicitly... More

Why Temp Workers Rock

28 August 2013

This infographic, produced by, illustrates why temp workers are a vital part to a company’s success. 

SIA Webinar: Incorporating SOW

28 August 2013

More companies are expanding their contingent workforce programs to include SOW arrangements. Click here for a replay of a webinar in which our experts discussed the steps they took in bringing SOWs into the fold.

Staffing Stream: The blindness of buyers

27 August 2013

Why are some staffing buyers choosing your competitors over year? Brand consciousness is always the answer writes Scott Wintrip in The Staffing Stream.