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Everyone's Problem

2 July 2012

IT staffing companies have been wrangling with the USCIS regarding its restrictions on their ability to obtain H1-B visas and its policies that challenged the staffing model itself. Here’s why all staffing firms should take note.

Risky Business

2 July 2012

The rising use of contingent labor brings unique risks. We detail some areas where staffing firms can advise their clients and help to mitigate those concerns.

The Buzz

2 July 2012

The Buzz: Finding Bliss, Measuring Data

Research Report: Not That Friendly

2 July 2012

Surprisingly few workers find staffing firms through social networking.

Benefit of Counsel

2 July 2012

Benefit of Counsel: What’s a Supplier to Do?

Straight Talk From the Customer

2 July 2012

Straight Talk From the Customer: Two’s Company

Letter from the Editor

2 July 2012

You can’t eliminate risk, you can just mitigate it

Largest Staffing Firms in Australia

2 July 2012

  • Skilled Group dominates the Australian staffing market with almost twice the market share of its closest rival.
  • 14 out of the top 25 firms are Australian-owned.
  • The ‘Big Three’ staffing firms do not dominate the Australian market quite to the extent that they dominate other staffing markets.... More

2012 VMS and MSP Supplier Competitive Landscape

2 July 2012

  • $100 billion in global VMS/MSP spend accounted for in this study
  • VMS and MSP markets continue to surge, but the rising tide is not lifting all boats
  • MSP's gaining traction in statement-of-work services

Strategy: How to Get the Most out of Your RFP

27 June 2012

What you put into your RFP planning determines the quality of the responses and solutions you get. Here’s why.