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Demand high for healthcare and other pros, Beige Book says

16 October 2013

Demand for skilled labor — including for healthcare workers — remains high in most areas from September through early October, according the U.S. Federal Reserve’s Beige Book report released Wednesday.

Challenging the Myths of Co-Employment

16 October 2013

One of the important goals of the Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) program is to establish a common understanding of strategic issues, such as co-employment, which is misunderstood by many.

Big Data Must Be Meaningful

16 October 2013

There are four types of business intelligence that can aid recruiting. All are powerful and should be considered as we put big data to work. 

The Affordable Care Act’s Potential Impact on Hiring

16 October 2013

Will the Affordable Care Act cause contingent workforce users and other employers to cut the amount of staff they use or change their hiring plans?

Cool Websites Attract Talent

16 October 2013

A recent Staffing Industry Analysts report revealed that, on average, staffing firm management gave their websites a C, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog. But some websites outperformed, and we learned something about why.

International: As CW Markets Develop, Regulation Follows

16 October 2013

Regulation of contingent work tends to move in line with market development, and contingent work tends to enjoy a better image and more appropriate regulations in mature markets.

The Staffing Stream: The Skinny on Skinny Plans

16 October 2013

Some staffing firms may offer “minimum essential coverage” plans in lieu of full coverage. Attorney George Reardon discusses why this could be problematic in The Staffing Stream.

Freelancers Spur Gig Economy

16 October 2013

Whether they are attracted to the flexible lifestyle or because they can’t get a job locally that matches their skills, freelancers working through online exchanges are replacing traditional work, writes Ben Schenkel on

SIA Research: Largest Global Staffing Firms

16 October 2013

There are 119 staffing firms with global revenue of more than $300 million, which together account for 46 percent of the global market. This report ranks them, noting revenue, headquarters and how this year’s list compares with last year’s. CWS Council and corporate members can access the report... More

Statistics from Hong Kong

11 October 2013

Understand where you can find statistics on the:

  • Number of agencies
  • Internal staff
  • Permanent, fixed-term contract and casual employees.