Recent Updates

Medical Solutions names CEO

14 May 2014

Medical Solutions, a travel nurse staffing provider, promoted Craig Meier to CEO.

1Q14 healthcare staffing earnings recap

14 May 2014

“What comes up, must come down.” The two large, pure-play publicly traded healthcare staffing companies were reminded of this when their Q1 earnings failed to excite investors.

Get Proactive or Lose Talent, Pay More

14 May 2014

As the face of the workforce changes rapidly, companies will have to become proactive in their approach unless they are willing to lose talent or pay more for their workers. 

Sell Your Program to Solve a Problem; Success Follows

14 May 2014

Successful contingent workforce programs are built like sales initiatives: The most successful programs are centered on the end-user. 

Use of Younger Temps Falls at UK Agencies; Demand Up for Older Workers

14 May 2014

Use of temporary workers age 34 and younger is declining in local government and other public bodies across the U.K., while the use of older temporary workers rose.

Fieldglass Sale Exceeded $1 Billion, Report Says

14 May 2014

Crain’s Chicago Business’ John Pletz reported that the sale of vendor management system Fieldglass to SAP topped $1 billion. 

When It Comes to Security, Don’t Neglect Temps

14 May 2014

A temp’s leaking of sexist emails from the head of the Premier League highlights the need to be careful about what access you give them. 

Buyers’ ACA Compliance Preferences

14 May 2014

We asked buyers how they wanted their staffing suppliers to work with them to comply with the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act.

SIA Report: Background Checks — Managing Liability in the U.S.

14 May 2014

The use of background checks can help protect you against liability for negligent hiring, supervision or retention. But your policies may also expose you to liability. This report explores the current status of U.S. law in this area.

Europe - German IT freelancers overworked, but happy

7 May 2014

Most German freelancers do not want to give up their self-determination and flexibility, but they pay a high price, according to a survey by Solcom.