Recent Updates

Global Employment Migration Overview

30 April 2015

  • Overview of work migration policies of major staffing markets
  • Includes Australia, the EU, Japan and the US

Tread carefully when engaging ICs online

29 April 2015

Recent headlines have featured independent contractors challenging their classification through litigation. In some cases, this has highlighted the issues presented by online staffing tools that we have been covering quite extensively.

Make ‘passive recruiting’ a key element of your total talent management strategy

29 April 2015

With the growing interest in total talent management, are programs remembering to include passive candidates in their efforts?

State’s high court rules IC status OK for cabbies, but may not apply elsewhere

29 April 2015

Boston taxi drivers are correctly classified as independent contractors, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled last week.

Southwest construction firms settle in misclassification case

29 April 2015

After a lengthy federal investigation, 16 defendants accused of misclassifying more than 1,000 construction workers in Arizona and Utah agreed to pay $700,000 in back wages, damages, penalties and other guarantees.

SoCal port drivers protest IC classification

29 April 2015

Hundreds of Los Angeles and Long Beach port truck drivers went on strike Monday to protest being classified as independent contractors, according to reports.

SIA research: Staffing firm survey aggregated results

29 April 2015

This report, available to CWS Council and corporate members, represents the aggregated and distilled staffing industry knowledge derived from seven separate surveys of North American staffing firms, conducted over 2008-2014. It includes a wide variety of best practices, benchmark data and industry... More

Webinar replay: Accessing and using accurate rate data

22 April 2015

Having accurate rate data is critical to making staffing decisions. During this webinar session, Jason Ezratty from Brightfield Strategies and Bryan Peña from Staffing Industry Analysts discuss how to access accurate data and how you can use it to take your contingent staffing program to the next... More

Most attractive staffing markets globally

21 April 2015

In our most recent assessment of market attractiveness, we score 55 countries on a scale from 0 to 100, based on 10 factors that make a particular market attractive to staffing (regulations on temporary agency work, economy, market competition, etc.).

Long Island companies settle with DOL

21 April 2015

Four Long Island heating and plumbing companies have settled a wage and hour dispute with the US Department of Labor that includes the misclassification of at least 25 workers as independent contractors.