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White Paper: ACA Politics, Realities and Predictions

22 August 2013

White paper on benefits sponsored by Essential StaffCARE.

Four largest healthcare staffing firms hold onto positions

21 August 2013

It’s a tough climb to the top, and once you’ve reached the summit it’s best to stick around for a while and enjoy the view. That adage is borne out by our recently released 2013 List of Largest U.S. Healthcare Staffing Firms, in which the top four placeholders held station from last year.

Keeping Your Contingent Workers Loyal

21 August 2013

Matthew Dickason, chief operating officer of Hays Talent Solutions, shares tips on keeping your contingent workforce loyal on Talent Talks.

Big Data Can Make Big Changes

21 August 2013

Big Data has to potential to make big changes in our personal and working lives. Kathleen Martin, vice president of managed programs for CDI Corp’s Global Staffing Services, explains how it can help companies find the talent they need and make the right hiring decisions in The Staffing... More

Staffing Stream: How engaged are physicians?

21 August 2013

How engaged are physicians in their work? Research by Jackson Healthcare looks into the question. Shane Jackson, president and COO of, part of Jackson Healthcare, discusses engagement in a new post in The Staffing Stream.

Extended vacancies take toll on healthcare organizations

21 August 2013

Forty-eight percent of nursing jobs and 39 percent of allied health jobs take six weeks or longer to fill, according to a study from CareerBuilder, and nursing jobs go unfilled for 12 weeks or longer at 20 percent of health care organizations.

Survey: Healthcare workers’ confidence holds steady

21 August 2013

Healthcare workers’ confidence remained fairly consistent in the second quarter, according to the Randstad Healthcare employee confidence index.

DLH revenue up 7%

21 August 2013

DLH Holdings Corp. (NASD: DLHC), a provider of healthcare and logistics staffing and services to the federal government, reported revenue rose 6.7 percent to $13.5 million in its fiscal third quarter ended June 30 from $12.6 million in its third quarter of 2012.

Crowdsourcing takes on healthcare

21 August 2013

CrowdMed, a provider of crowdsourced medical diagnoses, will use CrowdFlower’s online crowdsourced staffing platform, according to an announcement by CrowdFlower on Aug. 1.

Adecco’s medical and science revenue up in North America

21 August 2013

Adecco’s North American medical and science staffing revenue rose 9 percent year over year in the second quarter on a constant currency basis.