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Businesses, Unions at Odds Over Seasonal Visa Limits

20 March 2013

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO and the bi-partisan “Gang of Eight” senators are negotiating in an attempt to establish a new temporary foreign worker program for low-skilled workers, the Miami Herald reported

SIA Research: RPO Service Features and Market Landscape

20 March 2013

Recruitment process outsourcing is garnering more attention in the contingent workforce management community. This report, available to CWS Council members, shares insights into the features of RPO providers and the market landscape. 

A view of Korea

18 March 2013

  • Overview of the current market place
  • Detailed information on Accounting and Sales sectors
  • Forecasts for 2013

SIA Recruitment Process Outsourcing Survey Results

13 March 2013

  • Global RPO market estimated at $4 billion
  • US RPO market estimated between $1.5 and $2.0 billion
  • Results of our survey of RPO providers in this report

Driving CW Program Adoption

13 March 2013

Successful program adoption is driven by executive championship and key stakeholder buy-in, process clarity, and usability. Here are some tips for engaging those drivers to promote better adoption (and compliance) for your program.

‘Ghost Rider’ IC Sues Buyers Over Stunt Injuries

13 March 2013

A stuntman working as an independent contractor for the film Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance filed a lawsuit last week against Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. after being seriously injured in a stunt gone wrong last year.

A Deeper Look at Indemnification Agreements

13 March 2013

Would your firm be willing to act as an insurance company for something that it has no control over? The obvious answer is no. But here’s the wrinkle that indemnification agreements introduce.

Vendor-Neutral MSPs Can Be Profitable

13 March 2013

David Barfield, CEO of The Bartech Group, joins the discussion about managed service providers, talking about vendor neutrality in a new post on The Staffing Stream

Healthcare Reform: Are Your Providers Preparing?

13 March 2013

As 2014 draws closer, staffing firms should be getting ready for healthcare reform. How the Affordable Care Act will affect staffing firms and buyers is growing clearer as regulators work to draft the rules. Read more in Staffing Industry Review.

Workers Allege Continued IC Misclassification

13 March 2013

Two former workers who were found to have been misclassified as independent contractors say Shaw Communications in Canada continues the practice and are blowing the whistle on how the telecommunications giant broke employment law for years, CBS News reports.