Recent Updates

Tis the Season for Higher Margins

28 November 2012

Buyers of staffing services are not going to be finding bargains this season; a shortage of certain skills sets spells higher bill rates from staffing suppliers, writes Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog

Blog: VMS Class Warfare

28 November 2012

Vendor management systems promote a culture of second-class of citizens, contends James Downs, owner of The Downs Group, in The Staffing Stream. Read what he has to say here.

Blog: Obama 2.0 and IC Misclassification

28 November 2012

What does the re-election of President Obama mean in terms of IC misclassification enforcement over the next four years? Find out at the Independent Contractor Compliance Blog.

Pay Attention to Your Temps

28 November 2012

As we rely more and more on contingent workers, they in turn become more visible. How you treat them could make or break your reputation.

By the Numbers

25 November 2012

  • Percent of staffing firms that have closed an acquisition in the last three years.
  • Median purchase price/EBITDA reported in 2012 Staffing Industry Analysts staffing survey.
  • Number of publicly announced North American staffing mergers and acquisitions, 2006-2012.

The Other Side

25 November 2012

A Good Fit: Staffing firms have this temp coming back for more.

Power Seller

25 November 2012

New Worlds, New Rules: Global staffing ushers in varied opportunities but do your due diligence.

Expert’s Corner

25 November 2012

A Busy M&A Bazaar: What buyers, sellers are looking for in 2013.

Center Stage

25 November 2012

Mobilizing the Disabled: NTI’s niche is its competitive edge.

Strike Gold

21 November 2012

As the job market slowly improves, candidates who have been staying put will begin to look for better opportunities. What are the best ways to recruit these hidden gems?