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Contractor Settles Warehouse Worker Case for $4.7 Million

18 December 2013

An operator of a California warehouse that serves as a Wal-Mart contractor agreed to settle a class action lawsuit by workers for $4.7 million. A separate case that includes staffing firms and Wal-Mart is pending.

Wade Into the Stream

18 December 2013

More than 300 professionals from all sides of the CW ecosystem have joined in the conversation on The Staffing Stream. Subadhra R. Sriram highlights some of the most memorable moments as we wrap up 2013.

Serving the Contingent Ecosystem

18 December 2013

Our director of global services highlights how our reports and publications help professionals on all sides of the contingent workforce ecosystem.

Foreign Temps Allege Theft, Threats

18 December 2013

Six workers from the Philippines brought into Canada under its temporary foreign worker program accuse the owners of the restaurant that hired them of stealing their overtime pay and threatening them, CBC News reports.

Data-Driven Performance Reviews

18 December 2013

Most companies rely on measurable actions when evaluating their workers, but Richard D. Johnson asserts on the HBR Blog Network that companies are doing themselves and their workers a disservice by ignoring immeasurable employee actions.

Information Technology Issues & Trends

13 December 2013

The aim of this report is to provide an overview of the current technology challenges facing staffing firms, as well as the opportunities available to them to reduce cost, better align IT with the business, and deliver more innovative services. 

Non-Traditional Contract Clauses

12 December 2013

  • Sample contract clauses include termination assistance, no-suspension, key personnel, and more
  • Information on how to handle ownership rights to data

Blog: Your clients are thinking about SOW. Are you?

11 December 2013

When it comes to buyers’ plans for both their overall and contingent workforces in the next couple of years, there is good news for information technology staffing firms …  and an opportunity to expand another line of business.

Web: Cognizant shuffles management posts, separately announces US hiring

11 December 2013

The Economic Times reports that Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. (NASD: CTSH) is reshuffling top managers just one level below Chief Executive Francisco D’Souza.

Staffing Stream: Who has the fastest network?

11 December 2013

This is one network where speed counts for staffing professionals writes Doug Bryson in a new post in The Staffing Stream.