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VMS/MSP prove hot topic at Healthcare Staffing Summit

13 November 2013

Contingent buyers in the healthcare industry are among the last to adopt vendor management systems and managed service providers, and many staffing suppliers in the space have concerns.

MTV show portrays travel nurses, stirs controversy

13 November 2013

A new MTV reality show, called “Scrubbing In,” shines the spotlight on travel nursing. And while the show is bringing attention to travel nursing, it has taken criticism from some corners.

Program Maturity: Preparing for Critical Mass

13 November 2013

As the contingent workforce approaches critical mass, are programs capable of making a strategic contribution? 

Is Social Media a CW Issue?

13 November 2013

Ignoring the fact of social media and its implications to buyer companies becomes impossible as the flexible workforce becomes a key component of company talent solutions. 

Employers in 13 States to Pay More in Federal Unemployment Taxes

13 November 2013

Companies in 13 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands will have to pay more in federal unemployment taxes for 2013, and that may point to higher contingent labor costs in those states.

Confessions of a Procurement Guy

13 November 2013

Staffing Industry Analysts’ Bryan Peña, a former procurement manager, acknowledges how he went awry in his dealings with staffing providers, and details how providers and program managers can work together to move the market forward in Staffing Industry Review.

The Evolving IT Labor Market

13 November 2013

Despite the still sluggish economy and stubbornly high unemployment rate, we’re still hearing of shortages in skilled talent and companies struggling to fill their labor needs. This infographic in The Staffing Stream shows how this translates for companies sourcing information technology... More

IC Classifications by Country

13 November 2013

Proper worker classification is not just a U.S.-based concern. This blog details several jurisdiction-specific issues in independent-contractor relationships.

SIA Research: 2013 VMS/MSP Service Differentiators

13 November 2013

This report, available to CWS Council members, provides an overview of available vendor management system functionality and managed service provider services. Use this report as a tool to help identify RFP (request for proposal) invitees and/or to see where their current provider(s) stands... More

SI Report Webinar - November 2013

12 November 2013

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • Highest bang-to-buck recruiting tactics
  • Best and worst strategic decisions