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Temp safety roundup: OSHA cites two buyers, staffing providers, for serious temp injuries

18 November 2015

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited two separate companies and their respective staffing suppliers after unrelated accidents in which temps suffered amputations.

Rehiring Temps? What's the wait time after hitting tenure limit?

18 November 2015

In our 2015 Contingent Buyers Survey for North America, we asked large (1,000+ employees) buyers with tenure limits to estimate the months they are required to wait before rehiring workers dismissed due to tenure limits. 

Mapping the Total Talent Management Continuum

17 November 2015

  • Identifies the core facets of Total Talent Management
  • Covers permanent and contingent workforces
  • Offers tools to map your organisation's maturity

International Laws’ Effects on Temp Use

16 November 2015

  • Seven laws caused a net decrease in use of temporary agency workers
  • Proposed amendments to the Japanese Dispatch Law caused no net change

2015 List of Companies Looking to Acquire Staffing Firms

11 November 2015

We asked staffing firms about their intention to acquire new companies and their top three preferences for acquisition targets in terms of industry segment and geography.•This year, seven firms reported Asia Pacific/ Latin America as one of their top three choices of geography.

2015 Global Oil & Gas Market Report

11 November 2015

  • Estimate for the size of the global market, broken down by region
  • Top 10 ranking based on market share
  • Statistics on Oil & Gas production by country
  • Commentary on current industry trends and M&A activity

2015 Global Oil & Gas Panel Transcript

11 November 2015

  • The following is an edited transcript of our panel “Trends and Opportunities in the Engineering and Energy Sector”. It was recorded at Staffing Industry Analysts’ Executive Forum held in March 2015 in Orlando.  It has been edited for brevity and clarity.
  • This transcript should be read... More

3Q15 IT staffing earnings recap: Management makes the difference

11 November 2015

Revenue trends in the third quarter of 2015 continue to exhibit marked divergence, ranging from year-over-year growth in the double digits to declines of equivalent magnitude. While some firms have been well positioned to capitalize upon the healthy demand environment, others have been focused internally,... More

Considering a program change? Understand its value first

11 November 2015

Change is constant, but not always a given. How to know whether to make a change to your program, back up your argument and ensure success.

The ‘mythconception’ of tenure, co-employment risks

11 November 2015

The perception persists that limiting tenure length helps mitigate co-employment. But is that true or a myth?