2012 Staffing Industry Review

January 2012

The Epitec Group takes its commitment to customers seriously. What the Southfield, Mich.-based information technology staffing firm does to keep clients happy. Also in this issue: Tips to make sure your... More

February 2012

It takes a certain skill set and personality to succeed as a recruiter. The February issue of Staffing Industry Review discusses common traits of successful recruiters. Also in this issue: What you need... More

March 2012

A culture of recognition can boost the bottom line, according to best-selling author and speaker Chester Elton. Here’s how saying “thank you” engages workers and gets results. Also in this issue:... More

April 2012

“The Best Staffing Firms to Work For” are listed, and the leaders of those firms weigh in on what makes them great places to work. Recurring themes such as listening to employees, hiring right in the... More

May 2012

Social media can be used for more than just recruiting. Savvy staffing firms are boosting contingent worker engagement and impressing clients through smart social media campaigns. Also in this issue: What... More

June 2012

The rise of the managed service provider as a powerhouse in the contingent workforce world has proven to be a game changer, with tremendous opportunities for staffing firms. An article by Stacie Habegger... More

July 2012

The rising use of contingent labor brings unique risks. Attorney George Reardon details some areas where staffing firms can advise their clients and help to mitigate those concerns. This issue also includes... More

August 2012

Fieldglass CEO Jai Shekhawat may not have been the first to bring a vendor management system to market, but his claim to fame comes from making the VMS more palatable to managed service providers and staffing... More

September 2012

The Delta Companies was on a tear till the recession hit. However, a good dose of self-examination helped it regain its mojo. Read how its people weathered the storm. Also in this issue: Healthcare reform... More

October 2012

Meet the most influential people in the staffing industry in 2012. These professionals have not just placed people in jobs but come up with ideas and models that have influenced the world of work. Also... More