March 12, 2014


Best practices in contingent workforce management; Expect a lottery for H-1B visas.

Best Practices to Make Your Program Top-Notch: A Baker's Dozen

12 March 2014

A marketplace advances through competition, innovation and the establishment of industry best practices. This article covers some of the best practices found in successful CW programs today.

H-1B Visas May Be Determined By Lottery

12 March 2014

Experts expect strong demand for H-1B visas that are used to bring in foreign temporary skilled workers, which may slow down hiring and bring projects to a stand-still.

80,000 Reasons to Take Care on Social Media

12 March 2014

While a Florida employer benefited in a recent case involving a social media post following an age-discrimination lawsuit, employers should still be cautious, writes Global Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog.

Executive Search: Spend Rises Despite Dwindling Search Numbers

12 March 2014

Spend through executive search and leadership consulting firms rose to $10.57 billion in 2013 despite an 8.5 percent drop in the number of new searches started that year.

Don’t Get Bullied by Your RPO Provider

12 March 2014

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services has been shifting from a focus on cost and scale to a strategic workforce initiative. Because of this comprehensive approach, RPO can be thought of as a “bully” that takes control of your HR department. Kim Pope, vice president of recruitment solutions... More

What Motivates Workers? It's Not What You Think.

12 March 2014

Traditionally, managers and HR professionals think workers are motivated by the “4 Ps”: pay, promotions, perks and praise. Noted author Dan Pink turns that on its head. Read more from Jon Fay at ForbesBrandVoice.

SIA Webinar: Best Practices in Global VMS Deployment

12 March 2014

In this webinar, contingent workforce professionals will share their lessons learned in designing a program management model, prioritizing program expansion opportunities and adjusting a program to accommodate global shifts and changes.