October 30, 2013


Branding is of utmost importance to a contingent workforce program's success; everyone agrees quality is critical, but how is it defined?

Branding: What’s in a CW Program Name?

30 October 2013

Branding is a key factor in a program’s success. A strong brand can usher adoption and growth, while a weak one can drag an otherwise promising program down. 

Defining Quality in Our Ecosystem

30 October 2013

Quality may seem so difficult to deliver because it means something different to everyone. Here are ways to get on the same page.

IRS Contractors Had Improper Access

29 October 2013

A number of IRS contractors had access to sensitive IRS systems despite having tax debts and instances of non-filing of taxes, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration reported.

Industrial Contingent Costs Fall, Office/Clerical Rising

30 October 2013

Companies using industrial contingent workers continue to see their costs decline, while companies using office/clerical staffing services are seeing rising costs.

VMS: Benefits and Drawbacks

30 October 2013

Vendor management systems have their place, but they are not suitable for all supplier/buyer relationships, writes Matt Jeffers, an IT staffing consultant at Beacon Hill Staffing Group, in The Staffing Stream. 

For Their Welfare

30 October 2013

Workplace safety for the contingent workforce is a concern for both the buyer as well as its staffing providers. But in recent months, it has become even more so, with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issuing updated guidance specifically on the issue. Read more in Staffing Industry... More

Canada: Foreign Worker Admissions Spike

30 October 2013

Even as it was promising to tighten up its temporary foreign worker program, Canada ramped up its admissions of temporary foreign workers through the first half of this year, the Globe and Mail reports. Through June, 125,000 foreign temps had been admitted, up from 119,000 in the year-ago period.

SIA Webinar Replay: CW Benchmarking and Rate Management

30 October 2013

Find out the best practices and different methodologies you can use in your business to utilize benchmarking negotiation tools and data to help drive cost, efficiency and quality in your contingent workforce program.