November 20, 2013


CW compliance in Australia; When do CW managers have to comply with FMLA? 

Australia: Co-Employment and Statutory Risk

20 November 2013

In most jurisdictions around the world, managing co-employment and statutory risk is one of the key deliverables of a contingent workforce program. This article addresses issues unique to Australia. 

Contingent Workers and the FMLA

20 November 2013

A recent ruling out of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms that companies that use temporary workers provided by a staffing provider may be obligated to accept temps coming back from leave taken under the FMLA.

New York Joins Feds’ Misclassification Fight

20 November 2013

New York became the 15th state to sign a memorandum of understanding with the federal government to crack down on misclassification of employees as independent contractors. 

ACA Changes: A Commentary

20 November 2013

Last week, President Obama announced plans to alleviate the wave of insurance policy cancellations due to noncompliance with the ACA. Attorney George Reardon comments on the upcoming plans.

Traits to Succeed as a Contingent

20 November 2013

Contingent work isn’t for everyone. Are you and your staffing providers looking for the right type of worker? A contingent worker shares his insights in Staffing Industry Review.

Staffing Stream: Outsource Packaging

20 November 2013

The Internet has ushered in an era of immediate fulfillment, and in-house resources often can’t keep up. Sara Stringer asserts that outsourcing of packaging merchandise may be the way to go in The Staffing Stream.

Web: Contingents Are at Greater Risk

20 November 2013

A commentator in the Inside Bay Area website asserts temporary workers face unnecessary, life-threatening hazards. Read why here