March 6, 2013


A bill in Oregon would require contingents be paid the same rate as equivalent internal staff; a judge rules independent contractors classified correctly.

Proposed Oregon Bill to Raise Cost of Contingent Workers

6 March 2013

A bill introduced in Oregon would prohibit pay discrimination against contingent workers and would also preclude staffing firms from charging clients fees for converting a contingent worker to traditional employment status.

Judge Rejects Feds’ IC Argument

6 March 2013

A federal judge in Texas upheld a company’s practice of classifying gate attendants as independent contractors and not employees, thwarting the U.S. Department of Labor’s effort to reclassify the workers as employees and force the company to pay more than $6 million in back wages.

Buyers Reveal Pet Peeves

6 March 2013

Buyers respond to suppliers’ pet peeves with a list of their own, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog.

MSP Is a Strategic Talent Solution

6 March 2013

MSPs will continue to be a strategic talent solution offering forward-thinking advice on market conditions, talent landscapes, risk mitigation and creative variable workforce approaches, writes Randstad Chairman and CEO Ben Noteboom in The Staffing Stream.

The Blended Recruiting Approach

6 March 2013

In an effort to cuts costs, some companies are beginning to integrate their recruiting strategies, preferring one supplier to manage their in-house and contingent hiring rather than keeping them separate, writes’s Max Mihelich.

Track the Numbers That Matter

6 March 2013

There is a difference between numbers and numbers that matter, write Jeff Bladt and Bob Filbin in the Harvard Business Review Blog. To be succesful, you need to focus on the right one.