January 16, 2013


Citing safety concerns, a Washington-based group is urging the federal government to crack down on companies that use a lot of temps; Trends to expect in 2013.

Helping Veterans Retool for Civilian Jobs

16 January 2013

With the unemployment rate for post-9/11 military veterans hovering at about 10 percent, the staffing director for Qualcomm describes a program that helps these men and women identify how their skills can be applied to the business world. 

Group Cites Temp Safety, Calls for Tougher Rules

16 January 2013

A new report by the Center for Progressive Reform claims contract labor is bringing new threats to worker safety and calls for the federal government to crack down on firms that use a lot of temps. The group is a Washington-based nonprofit formed in 2002.

CW Management: The Tipping Point

16 January 2013

The Procurement Guy shares trends he expects to see this year in terms of contingent workforce usage and management.

RPO Is the New VMS

16 January 2013

Ten years ago, if you didn’t have your own little outsourcing facility in Bangalore or a vendor management system to track your workforce, you were not cutting edge, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog. Now, it’s all about RPO.  

Use the Right Form

16 January 2013

As of Jan. 1, U.S. employers should should be using new Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) notices for their background check programs, which have modest changes to the mandatory FCRA Summary of Rights form. Are you and your staffing firm in compliance? Read more in Staffing Industry Review.

Leading in the Human Age

16 January 2013

This new era, coined by ManpowerGroup as “The Human Age,” requires a new style of leadership, writes Melanie Holmes, vice president of ManpowerGroup’s world of work solutions, in The Staffing Stream. Read more here

Stop Looking for the Purple Squirrel

16 January 2013

Your persistence in holding out for the elusive perfect candidate could be costing your company more than you realize, writes Lance Haun on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network.

SIA Research: Harnessing SOW Spend

16 January 2013

As more companies expand their contingent workforce programs to include statement of work arrangements, there is a growing desire to learn what others have learned. This report, available to CWS Council members, covers topics such as what work arrangements should be classified as SOW and... More