April 3, 2013


Will CW programs abroad seek to incorporate SOWs into their vendor management systems?; Firm settles in IC misclassification case.

Incorporating SOW Outside the US

3 April 2013

A recent poll of CWS Council members indicated programs outside the U.S. aren't pushing to incorporate statement-of-work consultants.

Firm to Pay in IC Case Despite Contract

3 April 2013

A California trucking company must pay $107,802 in a case that shows some states continue to target IC misclassification and agreements with workers may not be enough to shield buyers from litigation.

Best to Work For Can Be Best Suppliers

3 April 2013

Most companies would like to be known as a Best Place to Work For, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog. But have you thought about how you can benefit if your supplier is one?

Sending Workers Across the Pond

3 April 2013

In today’s global marketplace, employees are often sent from one country to another on temporary projects or assignments. You and your staffing firms need to be aware of the varying legal issues when sending workers to or within Europe. Read more in Benefit of CounselStaffing Industry Review... More

Illinois: Use Licensed Labor Agencies or Face Fines

3 April 2013

Companies contracting with day and temporary labor agencies for their staffing needs in Illinois must verify the suppliers are licensed by the state.

Maximizing Contingents With Effective Onboarding

3 April 2013

Effective, automated onboarding of contingent workers enables companies to create a consistent and streamlined approach that encourages accountability by defining metrics which are aligned with existing departmental goals, writes Susan Vitale, CMO at iCIMS. 

Change Management Is Key

3 April 2013

Any initiative requires strong leadership, but change management is even more important, write Gregory Shea and Cassie Solomon on the HBR Blog Network.

CCWP Certification: Is It Good for Everyone?

3 April 2013

Why becoming a Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) is something you want to consider for your career development, and why would it matter if your suppliers were certified as well.